Supportive and Palliative Medicine

Palliative and Supportive Care
Patients with a serious illness often face complex challenges involving physical, spiritual and emotional stress. Our Supportive and Integrative Medicine team can help manage discomfort with a wide array of available services.
Our interdisciplinary team — composed of specialist physicians, nurses, social workers, nutritionists and chaplains — works with patients to meaningfully improve their quality of life during a time of tremendous physical and emotional upheaval.
  • Clinical supportive medicine physicians and nurses work with patients, families and the patient's primary health-care team to help improve quality of life and keep patients comfortable at any point during their treatment.
  • Our comprehensive pain management program unites a team of specialists bringing expertise from various fields to find the best treatment plan for our patients -- whether suffering from symptoms relating to cancer, cancer treatment, surgery, or other painful conditions.
  • Nutrition Services experts provide dietary care, education and counseling to help patients and their families make sense of the latest research and make informed food choices. Dietitians can assist with correcting nutritional deficiencies, minimizing treatment side effects, creating nutrition plans after treatment and more.
  • Integrative therapies — which use evidence-based, complementary practices in combination with conventional medicine — can help cancer patients and survivors regain health and build a lifestyle focused on wellness.