Psychology Team - Supportive Care Medicine
City of Hope is dedicated to supporting your body and mind throughout the cancer journey. To help manage the feelings or experiences that come with treatment, patients and their families can meet with psychologists in our outpatient clinic or during inpatient hospitalization.
We provide the following services and support:
  • Counseling: to help patients cope with cancer.
  • Behavioral interventions: for adherence to treatment and management of side effects.
  • Neuropsychological assessment: for patients concerned about memory or thinking problems.
Our specialties include: 
  • Pediatric Psychology: We use play therapy, behavioral interventions and talk therapy to support children and their families through diagnosis and treatment.
  • Adolescent/Young Adult Psychology: Our team has expertise in meeting the unique emotional needs of adolescents and young adults within the context of serious medical illness.
  • Adult Psychology: Our team helps patients develop insights and tools to cope with the difficult challenges they face during illness.
  • Neuropsychology: Cancer treatment can cause memory or thinking problems. Neuropsychological evaluation can help you understand the changes you may be experiencing.
For more information, contact our office at 626-218-3461.

Psychology Team