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The Critical Importance of a Second Opinion

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is life-changing. Your next steps are crucial in achieving the best possible outcome. You need to make sure the diagnosis is correct. And even for common diagnoses, you must choose between different treatment approaches. At City of Hope®, we believe you need to clearly understand your options in order to join your care team in making the right decisions. With dozens of locations throughout California, Illinois, Arizona and Georgia, we offer second opinions in person and via telehealth.

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Second Opinion

It’s important to find the right physician when seeking a second opinion, one who not only has the expertise to treat your condition, but who’s also surrounded by a strong team that provides whole-patient care.

City of Hope's doctors understand the value of a personalized approach to cancer care, supported by innovative, leading-edge treatment options. When you come to us for a second opinion, you will benefit from the expertise of a nationally integrated team of surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, endocrinologists and infectious disease specialists dedicated to working together to treat your cancer and get you back to living your life.

City of Hope’s Treatment Expertise

Globally recognized and highly awarded in researching, treating and preventing life-threatening diseases, City of Hope offers patients and families across the United States access to the best in compassionate, comprehensive care.

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