Quality of life can be severely affected by cancer- and treatment-related pain. Our interventional pain specialists bring unique medical expertise to bear in the development of a comprehensive treatment plan for patients. Nerve blocks, injections, discography, spinal cord stimulation and intravenous therapies are among the services offered by our team. The treatments provided are aimed at improving or restoring quality of life, decreasing reliance on pain medications and increasing function and productivity.
Comprehensive treatment services offered include:
Back pain treatments Intrathecal Pump Implantation
Cancer pain treatments Intravenous Therapy
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Joint injections
Celiac Plexus Block Medial Branch Blocks
Cervical Spine Injection Occipital Nerve Block
Continuous Catheter Nerve Blocks Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Discography Post-mastectomy pain treatments
Epidural Steroid Injection Post-surgical pain treatments
Facet Injections Radiofrequency Ablation
Ganglion Impar Block Sacroiliac injections
Headache and Facial pain treatments Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block
Intercostal Nerve Block Spinal Cord Stimulator Implantation
Interscalene Block Stellate Ganglion Block
Dr. Andrew Leitner is a pain management specialist and anesthesiologist who brings a comprehensive treatment approach to patients at City of Hope. Recognized by patients and colleagues for his compassionate care, multidisciplinary philosophy, and technical expertise, Dr. Leitner believes patients should be empowered to play an active role in their health care.
As a member of the Department of Supportive Care Medicine, he works closely with experts from different disciplines in a comprehensive team approach to address pain and symptom management. In addition, as a board-certified and practicing anesthesiologist, he has a deep understanding of the medical and surgical history of his patients, for whom he tailors individualized treatment plans.
Dr. Leitner recognizes that pain can be an intensely personal and debilitating experience, affecting one’s work, family, and community. The treatments the interventional pain team provides are aimed at improving quality of life, decreasing reliance on pain medications, and increasing function and productivity.

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