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Lymphoma is an umbrella term describing dozens of cancers that begin in the immune system. Lymphomas are the most common type of blood cancer, and are broadly categorized as either Hodgkin or non-Hodgkin disease. All lymphoma subtypes combined are the seventh most common cancer in the United States.
Getting treated for lymphoma at City of Hope gives you access to unparalleled treatment options and exceptional care from experts in all subtypes of the disease, from rare and unusual to complex and chronic. It means you are the focus of a team of world class scientific leaders who know the newest and best treatments for your disease – and likely played a role in their discovery. Some of the ways City of Hope researchers and clinicians at the Toni Stephenson Lymphoma Center are driving the lymphoma field forward include:
  • Developing the technology behind rituximab, one of the most commonly prescribed immunotherapies used to treat lymphoma
  • Leading research resulting in Food and Drug Administration approval of brentuximab vedotin, a treatment that is extending the lives of patients who failed previous therapies
  • Innovating several immunotherapeutic approaches for treating lymphoma, including CAR T cell therapy
  • Pioneering groundbreaking therapies for cutaneous lymphoma, including skin-directed and light therapies
  • Leading research that is changing the standard of care for HIV and AIDS-related lymphomas
  • Using innovative approaches for blood and bone marrow transplantation to treat lymphoma, leading to unrivaled survival rates

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Our Expertise

City of Hope's Lymphoma Program is among the best in the United States and treats the full spectrum of disease – whether you are newly-diagnosed, have cancer that has returned or have failed other therapies. Our commitment to providing exceptional care includes:

  • Expertise with rare lymphoma subtypes, including cutaneous T cell lymphoma, double-hit B cell lymphomas and AIDS-related lymphomas
  • Promising new therapies as part of our clinical trials program, including gene, vaccine and CAR T cell therapy – and combining immunotherapy with radiation therapy – to bolster the immune system response to cancer
  • A pioneering blood and bone marrow program that performs hundreds of transplants yearly, and whose innovative approaches include combining transplantation with new therapies
  • Unique “bench to bedside” treatment: quickly and safely taking new drugs from our research labs to on-campus manufacturing facilities to patients
  • Advanced, focused radiation therapy techniques, including TomoTherapy used to direct radiation directly into bone marrow compartments, reducing recovery time and side effects
  • Genetic testing and customized drug therapy tailored to the molecular profile of specific lymphoma types
  • Collaboration with an international network of institutions, providing patients quick access to the best therapies, including finding the newest clinical trials
  • Expertise with treating difficult-to-treat groups – including older patients, those with other chronic conditions – and pediatric patients
  • Survivorship clinics that provide support and monitoring to patients throughout the course of the disease
  • Industry-leading supportive care programs to address disease-related financial, spiritual and symptom issues

Comprehensive care

City of Hope is one of only a few dozen centers in the country that treat lymphoma using a comprehensive approach – by a multidisciplinary team whose sole focus is treating this type of cancer. Your care includes regular interaction and input from a team that includes hematologists, oncologists, radiologists and pathologists – along with nurses, social workers and specially trained support staff. This team brings together deep experience and diverse perspectives – shaped by seeing and treating lymphoma every day – to arrive at the ideal treatment for every patient.

City of Hope is internationally recognized for its research and breakthrough treatments, has been named one of America’s top cancer hospitals by U.S. News & World Report for more than a decade and is a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center.

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