Breast Cancer Suvivorship Program

Mission: Empowering breast cancer survivors to thrive through research, education, psychosocial support, and high-quality clinical care
Vision: Maximizing wellness for all people affected by breast cancer

What the breast cancer survivorship Program Offers:

  • Clinical follow-up care
  • Surveillance for recurrence and second cancers
  • Monitoring and management of long-term side effects
  • Cardiovascular and bone health screening
  • Specialized Survivorship Pain Clinic
  • Lymphedema prevention and management
  • Personalized Survivorship Care Plan
  • Health and wellness education
  • Thriving After Cancer: Survivorship Group
  • Psychosocial, spiritual, and practical support
  • Integrative medicine including yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and massage therapy

What a Typical Visit Looks Like

At your first visit, you will receive your personalized Survivorship Care Plan.  This plan includes a written record of your cancer treatment and follow-up recommendations based on your treatment history and specific circumstances. The Survivorship Nurse Practitioner will go over your plan in detail, address any questions or concerns you may have, and make any necessary referrals.  You will receive information about any treatment-related health problems that you may have, along with recommendations for management of these problems.
For your Survivorship Follow-Up Appointments, you will be seen in the Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic every six months to a year.  The Survivorship Nurse Practitioner will talk with you about your diagnosis, treatment history, and ways to stay as healthy as possible.  Your medical history and any symptoms you are having will be reviewed with you by the Survivorship Nurse Practitioner.  You will undergo a physical examination and have screening tests based on the treatment that you received. Additional testing or referrals may be recommended, if needed, based on this evaluation.

Thriving After Cancer: Breast Cancer Survivorship Groups

The Thriving After Cancer Education Class is held on the first Wednesday of each month.  These monthly classes are designed to help you learn the tools you need to thrive as a cancer survivor.  Come learn from experts on a wide variety of topics related to cancer survivorship.
The Thriving After Cancer Support Group is held on the third Wednesday of each month.  This serves as a time to meet fellow breast cancer survivors, build relationships, give and receive emotional support, and share coping strategies and resources.
Brittany Bradford
Meet your Breast Cancer Survivorship Nurse Practitioner
Brittany Bradford, MSN, NP.