About the Faculty

Faculty for Implementing Biopsychosocial Screening Training Program

The workshop will be conducted by internationally known experts who have hands-on experience in the development and implementation of successful screening programs. The faculty includes distinguished oncologists, patient advocates, psychiatrists, psychologists, navigators, nurses, researchers and social workers. (Partial list only, *webinars).
  • Matthew Loscalzo, L.C.S.W., City of Hope (PI)
  • Barry Bultz, Tom Baker Cancer Center*
  • Karen Clark, M.S., City of Hope (Co-investigator)
  • James Fraiman, NYU Langone Medical Center*
  • Mitch Golant, Cancer Support Community*
  • Jimmie Holland, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center*
  • Paul Jacobsen, Moffitt Cancer Center*
  • William Redd, Mt. Sinai Medical Center* (Co-Investigator)
  • Donald Rosenstein, UNC at Chapel Hill*
  • Lynne Wagner, Northwestern University*
  • Deanne Wolcott, Cedars Sinai Cancer Center*
  • James Zabora*