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City of Hope uses scorpion venom for CAR T to treat brain tumors

CAR T cell therapy at City of Hope

City of Hope focuses on turning great science into practical benefits, as quickly and powerfully as possible. Driven to provide new treatments every day, we tenaciously pursue better ways to improve the lives of people around the world. That is why we are engaging every stage of the immune response, using powerful approaches like chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy, to defeat cancer.

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What Is CAR T Cell Therapy?

Your T cells help organize the immune response in your body and kill cells infected by pathogens. Our doctors extract and genetically modify your T cells to produce chimeric antigen receptors, which teach them to recognize and attach to a specific protein (antigen) on targeted tumor cells. Once infused back into your body, these engineered cells get to work destroying tumors.


Currently, CAR T cell immunotherapy is one of the most promising approaches to defeating cancer — and it does it by activating your body to fight cancer on its own.

Why CAR T cell therapy at City of Hope?

City of Hope is one of the few institutions in the nation that innovates its CAR T cell technology through its own research and clinical trials in addition to collaborations with other academic researchers and global biopharmaceutical companies.

Our innovative research and development efforts allow treatments to be available for more patients.

  • Nearly 500 patients have been treated with CAR T at City of Hope.
  • Over 40 CAR T cell trials (current or completed) targeting hematologic malignancies and solid tumors have been performed across more than 20 years.
  • Several multimillion-dollar grants to explore CAR T cell therapies in multiple hematologic and solid tumors, including leukemia, multiple myeloma, lymphoma and HER2-positive breast cancer with metastic brain disease.
  • City of Hope was one of the first to introduce CAR T clinical trials in acute myeloid leukemia and glioblastoma.
  • Pioneering CAR T cell therapy as a bridge to bone marrow transplant for leukemia and lymphoma patients and researching the use of CAR T in combination with transplant.
  • Achieved immune effector cellular therapy program accreditation by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy.
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