Welcome to City of Hope's Graduate Medical Education (GME). GME is an essential and integral part of the academic atmosphere and clinical environment necessary to accomplish the mission of City of Hope. All residency and clinical fellowship programs at City of Hope are overseen by the designated institutional official, the director of Graduate Medical Education & Clinical Training and by the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). The GME offers a variety of resources to assist residents, fellows, faculty and staff in meeting their clinical training goals and objectives. The GME is available to assist you, and we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Residency And Fellowship Programs

City of Hope's clinical training programs offer excellent opportunities for physicians interested in expanding their knowledge base and clinical expertise in specialty and subspecialty areas. Our clinical residency and fellowships offer intensive didactic as well as hands-on training by instructors who have made significant contributions to cancer research and clinical practice.

Graduate Medical Education Committee

Our Graduate Medical Education Committee provides oversight, guidance and support to ensure the quality of education and work environment for all our trainees. Responsibilities of the GMEC include the following:
  • Develop and review policies and procedures that affect both ACGME-accredited and non-accredited clinical training programs and their trainees.
  • Maintain oversight of and act as a liaison with clinical program directors.
  • Conduct regular reviews of ACGME-accredited clinical training programs in accordance with the Common Program Requirements and the RRC Program Requirements.
  • Review and approve non-ACGME accredited clinical training programs to ensure that they meet equivalent standards to those required for the accredited programs.
  • Review and approve changes to training programs which could affect educational quality or require ACGME approval.
  • Provide a forum for exchange of information among all parties involved in graduate medical education.
  • Review Letters of Report concerning all ACGME-accredited clinical training programs and monitor action plans for correction in areas of noncompliance.


GME Contact Information

Kimberly A. Silva, C-TAGME
Graduate Medical Education & Clinical Training
[email protected]
Megan Joanis, M.P.H., C-TAGME
Graduate Medical Education & Clinical Training
[email protected]
Alice Hernandez
Graduate Medical Education & Clinical Training
[email protected]

GME Hotline