Cost of Program

Fee Type Amount
Application fee (non-refundable) $100 (one time)
Program fee (multi-session participation available) $500/1 session = up to 6 months
J-1 Visa fee (multi-year visa document available) $500/up to one year plus $250 additional renewal fee, if applicable
J-2 Dependent Visa fee (multi-year visa document available) $50 per dependent/up to one year
*No refund for early withdrawal or departure from Program, and program fee cannot be prorated.
**$100 non-refundable application fee which will be charged at the time of program acceptance.
***Program fee will be charged after you have been accepted into the program and are ready to start the program


Financial Support Requirement

Cost of living in Southern California can be high. To ensure safety and well-being of GSP applicants and family members, City of Hope requires all GSP applicants to present proof of funds available to them during program participation.
The minimum financial support per year is $21,840 for the principal GSP applicant and additional $10,920 per year per family member who will accompany the applicant to the United States while participating in the program.
Samples of expenses:
Expenses Average Monthly Costs
Housing $787 (room in shared house) - $2,100 (1bd single apartment)
Medical Insurance Premium $151
Meals $435-$1,792
Transportation $100 (bus pass) - $1,000 (personal car)
Personal Expenses $350 - $1,000
Acceptable Financial Support Documents:
Multiple sources of funding are acceptable as long as the combined amount meets at least the minimum financial support requirement.
  • Home Institution or Organization Financial Sponsorship
    Please provide a financial support letter with the following information:
    • Must be in English (or with English translation)
    • Must be printed on a letter head of the sponsoring organization name
    • Must include name of the sponsoring organization as well as the name and contact information of the representative with signatory authority
    • Must include the amount of sponsorship in US dollars
    • Must include the length of sponsorship (period of the sponsorship)
      View a Sample Financial Support Letter
  • Self-Funded
    For self-funded option, you will need to submit a bank verification letter confirming that you have sufficient funds that meet the minimum financial requirement. The letter should including the following information:
    • Must be in English (or with English translation)
    • Must be printed on a letter head of the bank
    • Must include name and title of the bank representative
    • Must include the amount in US dollars
    • Must be issued no more than 6 months
  • City of Hope Financial Sponsorship
    If City of Hope will be providing partial or full financial support to the applicant, please be sure to indicate on your application as well as on the COH Faculty Sponsor Confirmation Letter.  
Please contact the International Students and Scholars Offices for questions on financial requirement at