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Ji-Lian Cai

Ji-Lian Cai, M.D.

Staff Physician, Department, Hematology & Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

Ji-Lian Cai, M.D., is a bone marrow transplant physician who believes compassionate care for patients is just as important as medical expertise. He is also a member of the City of Hope/Kaiser Bone Marrow Transplantation Team.

Trained as a researcher in molecular immunology, he completed his residency at the Yale School of Medicine. He says he fell in love with hematological oncology because the subspecialty allows him the unique opportunity to combine his research and clinical backgrounds.

Cai believes that every patient who faces chemotherapy or a stem cell transplant is a hero. Further, he says that behind every successful transplant is a great team. That team includes not only the patient, but the patient’s friends, family, doctors and nurses. He says he feels honored that patients entrust him with their care, and he strives to treat them as he would his own family.

When not practicing medicine, Cai says his family is a major priority. He enjoys traveling, hiking and playing badminton and ping-pong with his wife and children.

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