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Mitsuo Kato, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor, Department of Diabetes Complications & Metabolism Research
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Research Teams

  • Diabetes Complications and Metabolism

Selected recent publications

Kato M, Wang M, Chen Z, Bhatt K, Oh HJ, Lanting L, Deshpande S, Jia Y, Lai JYC, O’Connor CL, Wu YF, Hodgin JB, Nelson RG, Bitzer M, Natarajan R. (2016) An Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-regulated lncRNA Hosting a MicroRNA Megacluster induces Early Features of Diabetic Nephropathy. Nature Communications 7: 12864.  PMID: 27686049.
Kato M, and Natarajan R (2014) Diabetic nephropathy[mdash]emerging epigenetic mechanisms. Nature Review Nephrol 10, 517-530. PMID: 25003613
Kato M, Dang V, Wang M, Park JT, Deshpande S, Kadam S, Mardiros A, Zhan Y, Oettgen P, Putta S, Yuan H, Lanting L, Natarajan R. (2013) TGF-β Induces Acetylation of Chromatin and of Ets-1 to Alleviate Repression of miR-192 in Diabetic Nephropathy. Science Signal. 6(278): ra43. PMID: 23737551
Kato M, Putta S, Wang M, Yuan H, Lanting L, Nair I, Gunn A, Nakagawa Y, Shimano H, Todorov I, Rossi JJ, Natarajan R: TGF-beta activates Akt kinase through a microRNA-dependent amplifying circuit targeting PTEN. Nature Cell Biol 11(7): 881-889, 2009. PMID: 19543271.
Kato M, Zhang J, Wang M, Lanting L, Yuan H, Rossi JJ, and Natarajan R: MicroRNA-192 in diabetic kidney glomeruli and its function in TGF-beta-induced collagen expression via inhibition of E-box repressors. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 104(9): 3432-3437, 2007. PMID: 17360662.
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