Russell Rockne

Russell Rockne, Ph.D.

  • Director, Division of Mathematical Oncology
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Computational and Quantitative Medicine
  • Co-director, Biostatistics and Mathematical Oncology Core

Russell Rockne, Ph.D.

Research Focus :
  • Mathematical Oncology

Russell Rockne, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Computational and Quantitative Medicine within Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope. He also serves as director of the Division of Mathematical Oncology, with the goal of translating mathematics, physics and evolution-based research to clinical care.

Dr. Rockne received his doctorate in mathematical biology from University of Washington in 2013, and then conducted a postdoc in mathematical oncology at Northwestern University.  He also has been a research associate in neurological surgery, and a research scientist in pathology and applied mathematics. In 2014, Dr. Rockne received the “Future of Mathematical Biology” award from the Society for Mathematical Biology.


  • Leukemia Disease Team
  • Lymphoma Disease Team
  • Theranostics Modality Team
  • Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Program


  • 2013, University of Washington, Seattle, WA., Ph.D., Applied Mathematics
  • 2006, University of Washington, Seattle, WA., M.S., Applied Mathematics
  • 2002, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, B.S., Mathematics and Fine Art


  • 2013 - 2015, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL., Postdoctoral Research in Mathematical Oncology

Dr. Rockne's research focuses on patient-specific mathematical models of cancer growth and response to therapy. His research lies at the interface of mathematics, imaging, histopathology and genomics, combining information to mathematically model treatment of individual cancer patients, and how their tumors evolve when confronted with specific treatment regimens. Dr. Rockne's personal research goal is to explore the novel hypothesis that mathematical models can quantify and predict individual patient disease dynamics and recurrence resulting from therapy in vivo.

Patents Awarded

“Method and system for characterizing tumors”
K. R. Swanson. E. C. Alvord Jr., J. D. Murray, R. Rockne
File date: 2/19/2010
Application #: US 12/709,367
US Patent No. 8,571,844
Issue date: 10-29-2013

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  • Radiation Research Society (RRS) -Scholars in Training committee member for RRS
  • Society of Mathematical Biology (SMB) - Editor for the graduate student and postdoc column in the SMB society newsletter
  • Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • 2014, Named the “Future of Mathematical Biology” - This award is featured semiannually in the Society for Mathematical Biology newsletter
  • 2013, Landahl Student Travel Award: Society for Mathematical Biology (SMB) - Annual Meeting Phoenix Arizona
  • 2011, Robert’s prize nominee: Top 10 paper of the year for Physics in Medicine and Biology - Rockne R, Rockhill JK, Mrugala M, Spence AM, Kalet I, Hendrickson K, Lai A, Cloughsey T, Alvord EC Jr., Swanson KR: Predicting the efficacy of radiotherapy in individual glioblastoma patients in vivo: a mathematical modeling approach. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 55: 3271-3285 2010. PubMed ID: 20484781
  • 2011, Best Abstract: 36th Annual Western Regional Society for Nuclear Medicine - Rockne R, Champley K, Alessio A, Muzi M, Krohn KA, Kinahan PE, Swanson KR. Patient-specific simulations allow prediction of hypoxia and [18F]FMISO-PET in human glioblastoma. Seattle, WA
  • 2009, Clinical research paper of the year - Swanson KR, Chakraborty G, Wang CH, Rockne R, Harpold HLP, Muzi M, Anderson TCH, Krohn KA, Spence AM: Complimentary but Distinct Roles for MRI and 18F-Fluoromisonidazole PET in the Assessment of Human Glioblastomas. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 50: 36-44 2009. PubMed ID: 19091885
  • 2008, Landahl Student Travel Award: European Society for Theoretical and Mathematical Biology - Annual Meeting Edinburgh Scotland Patents Awarded “Method and system for characterizing tumors” K. R. Swanson. E. C. Alvord Jr., J. D. Murray, R. Rockne File date: 2/19/2010 Application #: US 12/709,367 US Patent No. 8,571,844 Issue date: 10-29-2013
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