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Why we walk: Ryan Chiechi 

Walk for Hope is City of Hope’s largest annual fundraiser to benefit cancer research — and this year it’s going national! Walks will be hosted in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Atlanta, Chicago and Orange County, California or (virtually) in your own community. There are so many reasons to walk — every participant has their own incredibly personal and moving tribute to hope. But the commitment we all share is to one day end cancer for all. Here, our volunteers share their stories about why we walk.

How many walks have you attended?  

Hard to say, as many as I could since 2009, so maybe 10+. 

Why do you walk?  

As City of Hope’s largest event and fundraiser, it is an easy way to connect my personal community with work for both my employer and connection to the cause of supporting cancer care and research. 

Ryan Chiechi with his family wearing Walk for Hope tshirts
Ryan Chiechi with his family at Walk for Hope

What’s your connection to City of Hope®?  

I have known City of Hope my whole life. I am a legacy employee, have been an employee for almost 15 years. I have multiple family members that work here, as well, as have had family members saved by our treatments. 

Who will you be walking with this year?  

This year, I will be walking with the System Clinical Research Rockstars team as well as my family and friends. 

Where will you be walking?  

Duarte campus near Los Angeles 

What advice do you have for a first-time participant to make the most of their Walk experience?  

This is a large and very fun event. Bring people together, invite your friends and family to sign up, join and fundraise together. Join or create a team, wear matching shirts, headbands, socks or a theme, and create friendly fundraising competitions to engage in fun matched by impact.

What part of City of Hope’s mission speaks to you directly and why? 

When people hear I work at City of Hope, it is usually followed by a "my something (spouse, sibling, friend) was treated there" or "my something works there, do you know them?" then followed by something positive. City of Hope really does express Hope to people in times of darkness, and my hope is I can do the same.

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