Managing Symptoms and Side Effects

City of Hope commits to helping our patients manage the physical and emotional side effects and symptoms that can occur during and after cancer treatment.

Knowledge can be critical to restoring the health and well-being of our patients and their families. We invite you to explore the following topics:

Coping with Side-Effects During Cancer Treatment

Fatigue, Pain and Neuropathy

Find Supportive Care

Supportive Care experts work with your primary health care team to help improve your quality of life and keep you comfortable at any point during treatment. Learn more Supportive Medicine.

Fertility Risks Related to Cancer Treatment

Skin, Nails and Hair 

Find Supportive Care

Join City of Hope experts in the Positive Image Center in virtual or in-person classes to learn more about how to manage hair and skin changes. Learn more at the Positive Image Center or City of Hope's Patient Programs

Mouth and Throat Changes 

Nausea and Vomiting

Prevent Infections 

Sexual Changes and Sexuality

Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health 

Find Supportive Care 

The stress and anxiety that can accompany diagnosis and treatment of cancer can weigh on a patient and their loved ones. Our Supportive Care staff members are highly trained experts, able to help you and your family with emotional, social and spiritual support. Learn more Emotional, Social and Spiritual Support

Diabetes care

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