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Kevin G. Chan, M.D.

Urologic Surgeon; Head, Reconstructive Urology
Clinical Expertise
Research Focus
  • Urologic Oncology
Associate Clinical Professor, Division of Urology and Urologic Oncology, Department of Surgery
Referring Physicians/Colleagues: 626-218-2558
Email: [email protected]
Other Languages Spoken
  • Spanish

Clinical Teams

Urologic surgeon Kevin Chan, M.D., joined City of Hope's Division of Urology and Urologic Oncology in 2004, where he focuses on treating erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, urinary tract reconstruction, and urologic retroperitoneal disease. Additionally, Dr. Chan treats all aspects of general urology, including benign prostatic hyperplasia and kidney stones.

At City of Hope, Dr. Chan has established one of the largest programs in continent urinary diversion using robot-assisted laparoscopic radical cystectomy for the treatment of bladder cancer. He recently helped lead the International Pasadena Consensus Panel that established best practice recommendations in robot-assisted radical cystectomy and urinary diversion.

In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Chan also conducts research in surgical techniques and postoperative pathways that will help minimize complications and improve outcomes in the treatment of bladder cancer. He has vast experience in the surgical treatment of male urinary incontinence, which is usually the result of prostate and bladder surgery, and has created a database at City of Hope with the goal of improving surgical techniques used to treat male urinary incontinence.

Dr. Chan's research interests also include the development of novel diagnostic techniques to improve the detection and progression of prostate cancer.

Dr. Chan earned his Bachelor of Science degree, magna cum laude, in Biology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Dr. Chan earned his Medical Degree at the University of Southern California School of Medicine in 1998. He completed his urology training at the University of Southern California under the mentorship of Dr. Donald Skinner.

Dr. Chan has received a number of honors and awards, including the Society of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons Outstanding Laparoendoscopic Resident Award and the Pfizer Scholar in Urology Award.



City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1500 East Duarte Road

Duarte, CA 91010

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