Visiting International Surgeon Scholars Program

Establishing a global network of leading surgeons, scientists and healthcare institutions to eliminate cancer worldwide

The Department of Surgery at City of Hope welcomes surgeons and scientists to visit City of Hope through our Visiting International Surgeon Scholars Program. This program offers clinical observation and research experiences for surgeons and scientists outside the United States who are interested in cancer surgery, translational research and/or surgical innovation.

The program provides the opportunity to join our experts in the Department of Surgery and participate in clinical, educational and research activities at City of Hope.

The goals of Visiting International Surgeon Scholars Program are:

  • To foster a global exchange of ideas, strategies and techniques about surgical cancer care among surgeons, researchers and academic institutions worldwide
  • To establish long-lasting collaborations for clinical studies and scientific research in treating cancer
  • To share City of Hope’s approach to comprehensive cancer care in the United States including the most up-to-date, evidence-based multidisciplinary cancer treatments, innovative surgical approaches and groundbreaking research
  • To better understand, empathize and appreciate the diversity within the international medical community
The three categories of visitors within this program are:

Clinical Observers

  • Will be hosted for one to three months duration
  • Will have the opportunity to participate in various clinical activities including case observations, conferences, special lectures and medical ground rounds.  
  • Will not be permitted to have patient contact nor hands-on operative experiences

Scientific/ Research Fellows

  • Will be hosted for one to two years
  • Researchers will work under the direction of a principle investigator on specific bench-side or clinical research projects

Visiting Surgeon Scholars

  • Will be hosted for a visit of up to two weeks 
  • For faculty and trainees from partnering institutions and universities that have preexisting collaborations or international collaborative memorandum of understanding (MOU) with City of Hope
  • Will be given a glimpse into the clinical working of a National Comprehensive Cancer Center


For more information about the program, please contact Yanghee Woo, M.D., Director of International Surgery, at [email protected].