Why choose a comprehensive cancer center?

Because only a comprehensive cancer center like City of Hope is capable of providing a full range of services designed to address all aspects of cancer.

As an independent, National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, City of Hope brings a uniquely integrated model to patients spanning personalized cancer care, research and development, academics and training, and innovation initiatives. With our scientists, clinical staff and manufacturing specialists working side by side, advances in treatment can travel from laboratory to patient with lifesaving speed. We also offer an extraordinary level of dedicated support and education for patients, their families and the public.

City of Hope has been designated as one of over 50 comprehensive cancer centers in the nation by the National Cancer Institute.
NCI-funded cancer centers must go through a rigorous review process every five years in which they’re evaluated and ranked. Only those conducting the most promising cancer research are awarded comprehensive cancer center status. The NCI designation recognizes excellence in treatment, research and expertise to address the many faces of the disease, whether in early or late stage, and for common or rare types of cancer.
When considering a cancer treatment facility, the NCI designation is one of the most critical credentials anyone should consider.
If you’re diagnosed with cancer, you obviously have a lot of questions and concerns. Treating cancer begins with understanding that cancer is different than other health conditions. It is highly complex, with hundreds of different cancer subtypes. Picking a comprehensive cancer center like City of Hope can help put you at ease about some of them, because you know you’ll be working with some of the best resources in fighting your illness. Optimal care and outcomes require treatment by experts who specialize in your specific type of cancer, understand the genetics of the your disease, and deliver a patient-centric approach throughout the entire cancer journey. 

Making the cut: Qualities of a Comprehensive Cancer Center

To achieve a comprehensive cancer center designation, an institution like City of Hope has to support a wide range of research programs, tackling the challenges of cancer on multiple fronts. It’s why City of Hope builds strength upon strength across all these areas:
  • Cancer treatment
  • Basic (laboratory) research
  • Clinical research
  • Prevention
  • Cancer control
  • Population research
  • Outreach (such as support groups and community events)
  • Cancer education for both professionals and the public
Comprehensive cancer centers also play important roles in their communities and regions, influencing standards of prevention and care, and that’s a constant part of our mission at City of Hope.

A Founding Member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network

There are over 50 comprehensive cancer centers, but only an elite number of those comprise the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). It’s an alliance of the nation's leading comprehensive cancer centers, defining and setting standards for cancer care. City of Hope is proud to be a founding member of the NCCN, reflecting our national leadership in advancing research and treatment.
NCCN member institutions are recognized for their world-renowned experts and for treating complex, rare and aggressive forms of cancer. As an NCCN member institution, City of Hope plays a critical role in advancing state-of-the-art cancer treatment through education, research, and patient care. Learn more about the NCCN at nccn.org.

2017 Clinical Cancer Report of 2015 Data

The Cancer Committee is pleased to present the 2017 Clinical Cancer Report of 2015 Data . Included are reports on our achievements in 2015 as well as reporting of outcomes and Cancer Registry data for 2015 cases. This report reflects the continued commitment to our patients and our desire to provide the best care possible.