Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research

City of Hope’s Department of Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, scientists and other health professionals. Together, they are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and research of tumors in patients to ensure optimal outcomes across a broad spectrum of diagnoses.
The department has dedicated faculty for both its inpatient service and outpatient clinics, which are organized around cancer types. The staff also works closely with City of Hope’s surgery, radiation oncology and supportive care medicine departments to provide coordinated, comprehensive cancer care to patients and caregivers.
Additionally, the department collaborates with City of Hope's comprehensive cancer center's Developmental Cancer Therapeutics Program and other cancer centers to develop the next generation of cancer therapies that are more effective against the disease and less toxic to the patient. Many of these therapies are being studied in clinical trials, which are open to City of Hope patients who meet the study’s criteria.
The department has some of the finest and highly specialized medical oncologists anywhere. Many are cited as ‘America’s Top Doctors’ and are world renowned. And all are dedicated to one interest only—YOUR INTEREST.
More importantly, our staff have excellent communication skills and that crucial quality—empathy. Combined with our extensive portfolio of clinical trials and continual medical progress, this means our patients will get the most advanced and compassionate care available, which gives them the best opportunity to lead longer and more fulfilling lives.