Hospital Tutoring

Tutoring is available to inpatients in K-12th grade during the school year. City of Hope’s Academic Advocacy Program works in collaboration with the Duarte Unified School District to provide patients with tailored, one-on-one tutoring to meet patients’ educational needs.

In one-hour daily, private tutoring sessions, certified hospital tutors help patients continue their schooling while at City of Hope. Hospital tutors work with the patient’s local school to create a plan of study and provide the necessary textbooks if home textbooks are unavailable. Daily progress logs and a student progress report are provided to local school districts when patients return to their home schools.

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Tutoring From State-Certified Professionals

The hospital tutors working with City of Hope are California-certified teachers hired by the Duarte Unified School District. They also teach at Duarte Unified School District schools, applying many years' expertise in standard teaching and hospital tutoring to helping students keep pace with their studies.

Why consider hospital tutoring? Because it gives young patients:

  • A reassuring sense of normalcy
  • Emotional support
  • A positive adjustment to the hospital setting
  • Motivation to continue learning
  • Opportunities for students to catch up or get ahead in their school work
  • Distraction through focus on academic success

For more information please contact, Joey Fredlund, L.C.S.W., Academic Advocacy Program coordinator, at 626-218-2282, or send an email to [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hospital tutoring?

All inpatients grades K-12th who are eligible for hospital tutoring during the school year. Hospital tutors from the Duarte Unified School District tutor each of our K-12th grade patients privately, one hour a day, Monday-Friday on school days. Hospital tutoring provides patients with normalcy and a distraction from hospital life. Additionally, tutoring by veteran teachers helps patients continue to develop mentally and catch up, stay on track, and sometimes even get ahead in their studies. Hospital tutoring makes the transition to home instruction and/or school after hospital discharge a more enjoyable and smoother process for patients.

Who provides hospital instruction?

City of Hope's Academic Advocacy Program Coordinator coordinates tutoring for students in K-12th grade. Hospital tutors are certified teachers hired by the Duarte Unified School District. Hospital Tutors at City of Hope have many, many years of school teaching and hospital tutoring experience.

When is a good time to solve hospital instruction?

City of Hope believes that children, teens, and young adults adjust better to the hospital setting by starting hospital instruction as soon as possible. Our Academic Advocacy Program Coordinator meets with patient and parents in the first few days of admission to assess for educational needs and to arrange tutoring. Tutoring is coordinated to meet the patient's medical, emotional, and educational needs. Tutoring sessions provide patients with daily routine and educational activities that complement their primary focus on treatment while hospitalized.

How can I prepare for hospital tutoring?

We suggest bringing all textbooks with you to the hospital. Tutors can work with your local school's curriculum to help you stay on track and make returning to your local school as smooth as possible. If you are unable to bring textbooks, Hospital Tutors will provide textbooks from the Duarte Unified School District.

Contact Us

All student patients at City of Hope are invited to participate in our Academic Advocacy Program. If you would like to receive a call from one of our team members, please complete the Academic Advocacy Contact Form

For more information please call the Clinical Social Work office at 626-218-2282 or send an email to [email protected].

You can ask any member of your medical team to submit a referral on your behalf.