It is an automated confocal-scanning cellular imaging and analysis system as a bench-top point scanner. The system utilizes analyzing biological samples labeled with fluorescence.

Key features:

  • Four-laser capacity (488nm and 635nm standard; 405nm, 532nm and 561nm options)
  • True laser scanning confocal system:
    • Four objective capacities: 4x to 100x
    • Flexible configuration
    • Universal plate holder facilitates image acquisition using any clear bottom 6-well to 1536-well plate
    • Fast (example: five 384-well Transfluor plates/hour)
    • Robotic plate handling (Thermo CRS Catalyst Express robot: 45 random access plates)
    • Fully integrated solution
  • Includes MetaXpress software and MDCStore
  • Data management solution: quantifying images, data visualization plate normalization, and plate and compound annotation