Zeiss Observer 7

Observation Methods




Note: Does NOT have Phase capabilities.

Digital Imaging Cameras

Zeiss AxioCam 702 sCMOS Mono

Camera allows 14-bit monochrome images to be acquired in high resolution due to small pixel size (5.86um) and fast frame rates as well as a large array (1920 x 1216; 1 1/2 inch format).

Zeiss AxioCam 506 Color

Camera allows 14-bit color images to be acquired in high resolution due to small pixel size (4.54um) and large array (2752 x 2208).

Available Objectives

  • 5X/0.16NA Plan-Apochromat DIC
  • 10X/0.45NA Plan-Apochromat DIC
  • 20X/0.80NA Plan-Apochromat DIC
  • 40X/0.95NA Plan-Apochromat DIC
  • 63X/1.4NA Plan-Apochromat DIC Oil
  • 100x/1.4NA Plan-Apochromat DIC Oil

Note: Microscope has an Optovar that can increase magnification by 1.6X.

Fluorescence Spectra:

Collibri 7 with Fast Filter Wheels: 7 LEDs with corresponding emission filters.

Red (630nm)

Yellow (590nm)

Green (555nm)

Cyan (511nm)

Blue (475nm)

Violet (430nm)

UV (385nm)

Incubation, Heating and CO2 Control for Live Cell Imaging

Definite Focus II

Computer and Software:

HP Z820
Intel Xeon E5-2643 4-core (8 hyperthreads), 16GB RAM, 3.3GHz, 2 TB RAID hard drive, Windows 7x64 Ultimate. DELL 24” High-Res Flat Panel Monitor.

ZEN Blue software
Capable of automated Multi Dimensional Acquisition imaging for: Time-Lapse, Z-stacks, Tiling, Multiple Positions, and Multi-Color.