Zeiss Observer 7

Observation Methods




Note: Does have Phase capabilities.

Digital Imaging Cameras

Zeiss AxioCam 702 sCMOS Mono

Camera allows 14-bit monochrome images to be acquired in high resolution due to small pixel size (5.86um) and fast frame rates as well as a large array (1920 x 1216; 1 1/2 inch format).

Zeiss AxioCam 105 Color

Camera allows 14-bit color images to be acquired in high resolution.

Available Objectives

  • 2.5X/0.085NA EC-Plan-Neofluar
  • 5X/0.16NA EC-Plan-Neofluar Phase1
  • 10X/0.3NA EC-Plan-Neofluar Phase1
  • 20X/0.80NA Plan-Apochromat DIC II
  • 40X/0.95NA Plan-Apochromat DIC III
  • 100x/1.4NA Plan-Apochromat DIC III Oil

Note: Microscope has an Optovar that can increase magnification by 1.6X.

Fluorescence Spectra:

Collibri 7 with Fast Filter Wheels: 7 LEDs with corresponding emission filters.

  • Red (630nm)
  • Yellow (590nm)
  • Green (555nm)
  • Cyan (511nm)
  • Blue (475nm)
  • Violet (430nm)
  • UV (385nm)

Incubation, Heating and CO2 Control

Definite Focus II

Computer and Software:

HP Z840
Intel Xeon E5-2643 4-core (8 hyperthreads), 16GB RAM, 3.3GHz, 2 TB RAID hard drive, Windows 7x64 Ultimate. DELL 24” High-Res Flat Panel Monitor.

ZEN Blue software
Capable of automated Multi Dimensional Acquisition imaging for: Time-Lapse, Z-stacks, Tiling, Multiple Positions, and Multi-Color.

Filter Cube Spectra: 
#49 Ex; G369nm, Beam Splitter; FT395, Emission; 445/50 (DAPI)
#38 Ex; BP470/40, Beam Splitter; FT495, Emission; 525/50 (eGFP)
#43 Ex; BP545/25, Beam Splitter; FT570, Emission; 605/70 (DS Red)
#50 Ex; BP640/30, Beam Splitter; FT660, Emission; 690/50 (Far Red)