Breast Cancer Services at City Of Hope Orange County

Breast Cancer Services at City of Hope Orange County
When City of Hope first came to Orange County, we made sure early on that we provided many resources for breast cancer services. Breast cancer is a pervasive concern among Orange County residents, and incidence of the disease has been increasing at a faster rate than the national average. We wanted to ensure that local residents facing a breast cancer diagnosis are well served.
Both men and women can get breast cancer. There are several factors that influence your risk of the disease. Your best defense is to know the signs and stay informed:
What is breast cancer?
Breast cancer is a disease in which breast cancer cells grow uncontrollably. Although the most typical first sign of cancer is detected on a mammogram or with a lump or thickened breast tissue, there are several symptoms to watch for that may indicate you have breast cancer.
Diagnosing breast cancer
If breast cancer is suspected, precise breast cancer tests are crucial for treatment planning. City of Hope offers comprehensive diagnostic services for breast cancer that are performed and analyzed by leading experts. The goal is to understand your type of cancer so that we can treat it accurately and appropriately.
Not all breast cancers are alike. Your type of breast cancer will help determine the best course of treatment. Therefore, you may have an entirely different course of care than a friend or even a relative who has experienced breast cancer.
Our Locations
Expert and compassionate care through our City of Hope network, including City of Hope Orange County Lennar Foundation Cancer Center and four regional clinics in Irvine Sand Canyon, Newport Beach Lido, Newport Beach Fashion Island and Huntington Beach