Liquid Tumor Bank

The Liquid Tumor Bank(LTB) is a shared resource facility within the Beckman Research Institute at City of Hope. Our primary goal in the LTB is to provide biological specimens of interest with hematologic malignancies to all investigators here at the research center with the obtained approval from the center's bio-repository committee. We can also collect and distrubute, when available, normal liquid specimens to be used in research endeavors. To date we have banked specimens in acute myeloid leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia,chronic lymphocytic leukemia,myelodyeplastic syndrme,myleoproliferative neoplasms, multiple myeloma and lymphoma. We provide various services such as Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood mononuclear cell seperations. We have the ability to store skin biopsys and buccal cell sample types. Nucleic acid extractions can be obtained from the various sample types, in addition to leukocyte processing. Immunophentypically charcterized monoclonal cell subpopulations can also be obtained.
  • Specimens are preserved (Cryo-preserved) and stored in their appropriate location within the liquid tumor bank facility.
  • The data obtained and storage from specimens is maintained in our Redcap Database.