Wellness and Benefits

At City of Hope, we're a community dedicated to the health and well-being of both our patients and our employees. Our goal? Create an environment enabling each of us to live and work effectively. So we're committed to maintaining benefits programs and wellness initiatives that support our staff in helping City of Hope to fulfill its mission.

Our benefits programs cover a wide range of areas: medical and insurance plans, financial and retirement options, professional development opportunities and more.

“We believe that when employees are cared for holistically, our community is strengthened and we are better able to maintain the excellent quality of care that our patients need.”

We also offer a variety of wellness initiatives designed to support active, healthy lifestyles for our employees:

  • We nourish the body by offering healthy eating choices and providing opportunities for active living, smoking cessation, and more.
  • We nourish the mind by encouraging employees to seek training and skills that can help them be more effective in their professions.
  • We nourish the spirit through a community mentorship program and providing a wide range of social and counseling services through our Employee Assistance Program.

By being living ambassadors of the health and wellness we want for our patients, we've created a community that's better able to meet their needs today ... and to continue the pioneering research and treatment that will improve patients' lives for years to come.

Coverage Transparency

In response to the federal Transparency in Coverage rule, Anthem and HPI have provided machine-readable files of City of Hope’s employee group health plan offerings, including negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and health care providers.

The files are also formatted to enable researchers, regulators and application developers to access and analyze data more efficiently.