Medical Group Benefits

Your Health Plans

You may choose from two plan options with coverage provided through Kaiser Permanente or Anthem Blue Cross. Each plan is primarily paid for by the company and the cost for dependent coverage is shared.
All medical plans include prescription drug coverage and cover selected in-network preventive care services at 100%.

Kaiser HMO

This health maintenance organization (HMO) plan offers fixed copayments and no deductibles for comprehensive medical, hospitalization and mental health services. With an HMO plan, services are only covered if you receive them from an in-network provider.

Anthem Blue Cross PPO

This preferred provider organization (PPO) plan provides comprehensive benefits with in- and out-of-network coverage for maximum flexibility. The premium is higher than the HMO plan due to this additional flexibility. A fixed copayment applies to in-network office visits.

Anthem Blue Cross HSA PPO Plan

Provides comprehensive benefits with in and out-of-network coverage. This plan combines a low premium with a higher deductible and is paired with a health savings account (HSA), a tax-advantaged account to help you pay for out-of-pocket expenses with federally tax-free dollars. City of Hope Medical Group contributes to your HSA and you can make additional contributions by payroll deduction if you wish.


Coverage is provided by Delta Dental PPO plan. Certain preventive care services are covered at 100%. Coverage for basic and restorative services as well as orthodontics are provided. You may use the dentist of your choice. 


Coverage is provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP) and includes an annual exam, as well as an allowance for frames and eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Your Work/Life Balance

Paid Vacation Time

You begin accruing vacation hours upon hire at the equivalent of 20 days per year (prorated based on FTE status). This carries over annually, up to a maximum of 39 days.

Paid Meeting Time

You may use up to 10 days annually for approved continuing medical education activities or other conferences.

Paid Holiday/Personal Time

City of Hope observes seven legal national holidays (New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day and Christmas Day) and provides up to an additional three paid personal days.

Paid Sick Time

You are eligible to take up to 18 days per year pro-rated based on FTE status for use when illness or injury prevents you from working. Your sick time carries over from year to year up to a maximum of 60 sick days.

Employee Assistance Program

Professional and confidential counseling services, offered at no cost, are designed to help you and your family address personal life concerns.

AccessHope Cancer Support Services

This program provides employees and their immediate family members  a cancer support line with access to specialized nurses, as well as an expert review of your treatment and diagnosis plan by a City of Hope physician. The City of Hope physician will work directly with your doctor to ensure the best, most effective care. Additionally, it offers an in-person evaluation for a first or second medical opinion from a City of Hope physician.

Wellness at City of Hope

The following programs can enhance your well-being and enable you to make positive lifestyle and healthy behavior choices. Some of them include: 
  • Annual flu shots 
  • Group exercise classes 
  • Volleyball, soccer and basketball teams 
  • Healthy food choices in cafeterias and vending machines 
  • Ridesharing and Metrolink shuttle service 
  • Community mentoring programs 
  • Child care resources 

Your Financial Security

401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

City of Hope Medical Group offers a very generous 401k plan that aims to help employees build their future financial security. Employees may make additional tax-deferred contributions to their accounts up to the federal IRS limit.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Choose from two types of flexible spending accounts that can help you pay for healthcare and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. 

Life Insurance and AD&D

A Met Life GVUL Life Insurance/AD&D Plan is paid for by City of Hope at a flat amount of $350,000 (each). 

Short-Term Disability

This employer-paid plan provides income replacement if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. The benefit is equal to 60% of your pre-disability weekly base earnings, up to a weekly maximum benefit of $4,600 (for up to 12 weeks).

Long-Term Disability

This is a voluntary plan which provides income replacement if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. The benefit is equal to 60% of your pre-disability monthly base earnings, up to a monthly maximum benefit of $20,000. This coverage is designed to cover you after your short-term disability benefits expire.

Employee Assistance Program

This program, provided by Lyra, provides several confidential support options, including mental health coaching and therapy, wellness and self-care tools and access to work-life services to support you and your dependents. Lyra can help you navigate issues like stress, anxiety, grief, depression, substance use, relationship challenges and more. This benefit is available upon the date of hire.

Back-up Child and Adult/Elder Care

This program, provided by Bright Horizons, helps benefits-eligible employees find high-quality center-based and in-home care when disruptions to your regular dependent care arrangements happen and you need to get to work. This program is subsidized by City of Hope and provides care at low copayment amounts. This program supports your family with up to 5 days annually and is available upon date of hire.

Voluntary Benefits

City of Hope Medical Group makes available certain voluntary programs that you may elect to purchase, including:

• Home and auto insurance
• Pet insurance
• Legal insurance
• Certain AFLAC products

Wellness at City of Hope

Many programs are offered to enhance your well-being and to enable you to make positive lifestyle and healthy behavior choices. Some of them include:

• Annual vaccinations
• Group exercise classes
• Diversity and Inclusion resource groups
• Rideshare program, public transit subsidies and shuttle service to Metrolink
• Employee wellness workshops

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