Before You Apply

City of Hope uniquely combines every element of treating patients and saving lives from the exercise of rigorous scientific research to the simple application of human compassion. There are no unimportant members of our team. To join City of Hope is to commit to our patients, to your team members and to the millions of beneficiaries of our research that you understand and take seriously our mission and the part you will play in advancing it.


Together, we turn hope into reality


Get to Know Us

We are proud of who we are and what we do and we’re eager for you to get to know us. Like most modern enterprises, we have our official presence in social media and we think our website is very much worth a visit. But where we’re pretty unique is that we regularly attend career fairs and host online events so you can meet City of Hope employees in person.

Enjoy learning about our history, culture and values. If you feel that City of Hope is the right place for you, then we want to hear from you.

Your Application

Start by spending time reading job descriptions to make sure the position matches your interests and qualifications. We look forward to reading your résumé and learning more about your skills, experience and passions.

The Interview

Our recruiters are excited to meet you and discuss your future at City of Hope. We will talk about the principles of our organization as well as your own values to make sure that City of Hope is the right place for you. Tell us about your experience, strengths, interests and how they will help you uniquely contribute to our thriving community. City of Hope is a great environment for our employees to grow personally and professionally.