Our Next 100 Years



City of Hope’s unique fusion of science and compassion has transformed health care since our inception over 100 years ago. We currently live in a “future” free of tuberculosis and other “incurable” twentieth century diseases largely due to the visionary commitment of our founders that has carried forward to this day. City of Hope’s researchers, physicians, nurses, educators and staff have made hope a powerful reality for thousands of patients and for their families and are busy shaping a healthy future for our children and grandchildren. We’re grateful to our founders for the “future” they made for us and dedicate ourselves to providing an even better future for those living 100 years from now.

To fulfill this promise, there’s much more to be done in the days ahead.

Uniquely at City of Hope, scientists, healers and caregivers interact daily to assure that treatments find their way from the lab bench to the bed effectively and efficiently. We know of no other enterprise that blends compassion and science as organically and to such good effect.

In addition, exciting public events and collaborations — such as Concert for Hope, Walk for Hope and ThinkCure! — enable us to extend our mission to younger generations and ensure an ongoing legacy of diverse and committed supporters. Because it’s the young hearts and minds of today that will truly set the stage for our second century of Hope.

City of Hope believes our most impressive discoveries are those that we haven’t yet made; those that we perhaps haven’t yet imagined; but which will be saving precious lives 100 years from today.