City of Hope is attached to former employees for many reasons.

One, of course, is gratitude. Anyone who works at City of Hope contributes to our mission of service, not only to our patients, but to the future of healthcare. Whether you’ve moved on to further education, to new employment, to retirement—no matter what your new endeavors are, as we thank you for your contributions to our goals, we wish you happiness and satisfaction  in your new pursuits.

We also hope you’ll stay connected with us. Read our blog Breakthroughs to keep up with our latest successes, and electronically speaking, we’re only a click away via social media.

And please note: we value your referrals. If family members or friends are searching for employment, we hope you’ll let them know about the opportunities here at City of Hope.

Finally, we want to hear from you. Keep us posted on where you are, what you’re working on. And while you’re catching us up on your new experiences and skills, we’ll welcome you to bring them back with you to City of Hope! Our door is always open to alumni.

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