Ocean Hills/North County Chapter

The Ocean Hills/North County Chapter is a philanthropic membership group dedication to the eradication of cancer and other life-threatening diseases through its support of City of Hope's innovative research, treatment and education programs.
Located in Southern California in the San Diego area, the Ocean Hills/North County Chapter was established in 1991.
To date, the club has over 200 members and continues to grow.
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Board of Directors

  • President - Regina Aulisio
  • VP of Fundraising - Rona Cole
  • Secretary - Diane Hillman 
  • Treasurer - Karla Sando 
  • Director - Betty Theel 
  • Director - Carol Mathews 
  • Director - Jackie Crosby 
  • Director - Merrilee Masters 

Fundraising Committee

  • Chairperson - Rona Cole
  • Regina Aulisio
  • Jackie Crosby
  • Rita Dreebin
  • Carol Hirsch
  • Carol Mathews
  • Dorothy Miller
  • Sharron Rowley
  • Ruby Ann Rudnick
  • Dianne Rundles
  • Marcy Samiloff
  • Betty Theel
  • Elizabeth Westwater 

Luncheon & Programs 

  • Sheila Gross
  • Gloria Hoffman
  • Carole Silverman
  • Karla Sando

Opportunity Drawings

  • Joan Bucholtz
  • Yvonne Barmum
  • Sharon Andrews

Chapter Photographer

  • Art Rudnick


  • Diane Rundles

Tributes and Memorials

  • Betty Theel


  • Merrilee Masters 

New Member Recruitment

  • Sandy Levin


  • Jackie Crosby 
For tickets or membership information contact:

Mariana Veyna
(800) 732-7121
(626) 222-9493

Our Safety Measures

To help maintain a healthy environment, enhance safety and lower the risk of COVID-19 spread, all events will have special protocols in place. For more information please email your City of Hope contact.