Professional Women's Council of San Diego - Become a Member


Members are required to attend a minimum of half (6 out of 12) of the meetings throughout the course of the year. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month. By attending meetings, the council member can provide guidance, opinions and resources to assist in achieving the financial goals and the success of the chosen prestigious events worthy of City of Hope.
Attend the Taste of Hope with Silent Auction presented by the Women’s Council during Spring/Summer months. Council members are required to purchase a ticket in the event that volunteer hours and attendance standards have not been met.
Attendance Exceptions
In the event that a councilwoman is unable to attend the required number of meetings but would still like to be a member, City of Hope and the Professional Women’s Council of San Diego ask that all other requirements are met or exceeded and/or 15 hours of volunteer services are met throughout the year.
Provide Solicitation List
It is the goal and objective of the Women’s Council to notify the community and business community of the phenomenal research being done at City of Hope while raising funds to continue this research. Each member is required to present City of Hope with a contact list (professional and/or personal) to be used for recruiting attendance to Women’s Council affiliated events only. In all other instances City of Hope will ask permission before using a member’s solicitation list.
Members follow up with personal letters and telephone calls to ensure positive responses and secure commitments. If contacts are unable to attend an event, members seek straight donations, cause related marketing opportunities and donations to the auction.
Meet the Financial Commitment Set Forth
Secure a minimum of 10 individuals to attend the Women’s Council’s main fundraising event, the Taste of Hope with Silent Auction. This can include the member’s place of business and/or personal contacts, family and friends.
Each member is asked to set a personal fundraising goal of $1,000 through the various fundraising formats: sponsorship, event attendance, cause related marketing, auction items sold and other donations. It is the goal and responsibility of the Women's Council to raise over $45,000 for City of Hope each year.
Recognize and Support Mission
It is the mission of the Professional Women’s Council of San Diego to seek financial support for the medical research and patient care programs at City of Hope and to facilitate public awareness of City of Hope within a broad range of individuals and organizations, to ultimately care for and cure people with serious illnesses.
To inquire about becoming a member of the Professional Women’s Council of San Diego, please contact Robyn Hima.