Genitourinary Cancer Services at City of Hope Orange County

Genitourinary Cancer Services at City of Hope Orange County
The medical experts at City of Hope Orange County can help if you have been diagnosed with prostatekidneybladder and testicular cancer. Our dedicated team takes a patient-centered approach to treat these diseases with expert science and compassionate care.
New advancements in treatment are rapidly improving the outlook for people with these cancers. Many of these advancements are available to our City of Hope patients here in Orange County and at our Duarte campus.
What is genitourinary cancer?
Genitourinary cancers are cancers that affect the urinary and male genital systems, specifically the bladder, kidney, prostate, and testicular. Although grouped together, each cancer type has its own symptoms:
Early Detection and Prevention
Detecting genitourinary cancer early is essential. If you suspect cancer and are experiencing symptoms, contact your doctor for evaluation. Further tests, as described below, may be recommended.
Note that the American Cancer Society recommends men discuss routine prostate screening with their health care provider, starting at age 50 if you are of average risk. Men who at higher risk (those with a family history of the disease) may be recommended to start at age 40 or 45.
If you are diagnosed with genitourinary cancer
If you have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, know that there are many treatment options available. To call for an appointment or second opinion with a City of Hope Orange County colorectal cancer specialist.