Lung Cancer Screening at City of Hope

Lung Cancer Screenings

Why screen for lung cancer?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in Orange County. One of the challenges with this disease is that symptoms do not appear until it is already at an advanced stage. Research shows that for high-risk people, LDCT scans will discover lung cancer at an early stage 64% to 85% of the time, reducing mortality by 20 percent. Screenings are cost-effective, reliable, convenient, and comfortable for the patient.

Who are recommended candidates?

LDCT is recommended for patients who are aged 55 to 80 years and in reasonably good health, currently smoke or have quit within the past 15 years, and have at least a 30-pack-year smoking history.

Is screening covered by insurance?

Although health care coverages can vary, most insurance plans, including employer-sponsored, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and State Health Insurance Marketplace, now cover annual LDCT screenings for patients meeting high-risk requirements. Our City of Hope staff will assist in verifying insurance eligibility.

What if the screening is positive?

World-class City of Hope lung cancer specialists are available at our Newport Beach facility to consult with patients about their treatment plan and next steps.

What if the screening is negative?

If the screening is negative, a scan should be repeated annually.


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