Glimpses of Hope: City of Hope’s new Magnetom Vida, Siemens’ most advanced MRI scanner

Lennar Foundation Cancer Center’s
leading-edge technology provides
patients precise and advanced treatments

This is the third installment in Glimpses of Hope, our monthly look behind the scenes as our experts help bring Lennar Foundation Cancer Center at City of Hope Orange County to life. This month, we get a glimpse at some of the technology helping make our cancer center the most advanced in Orange County.
Lennar Foundation Cancer Center at City of Hope Orange County will be the most advanced cancer center in the region, purposefully designed to be high touch AND high tech.
Our patients will receive exceptional, compassionate care from our world-renowned cancer experts. They will benefit from innovations designed to get them back to their lives sooner and that make their care experience easier and more convenient.
"Our comprehensive cancer center will be the center of innovation and home to the most advanced cancer treatments and technologies available," said Annette M. Walker, president, City of Hope Orange County. "This is the kind of cancer care our community needs and deserves."
Here's a glimpse of some of the innovations coming to our new cancer center:
Fast and Accurate Therapeutic Technology
Lennar Foundation Cancer Center will utilize the most advanced technology for diagnosing and treating cancer, helping our physicians provide exactly the right treatment at the right time.
  • City of Hope's Magnetom Vida arrives at Lennar Foundation Cancer Center 
  • The 3-tesla magnet is skillfully maneuvered into place 
  • Advance MRI scanner will provide highly detailed images 
Shown here arriving at the cancer center is City of Hope’s new Magnetom Vida, Siemens’ most advanced MRI scanner. The system harnesses a 3 tesla-strength magnet, a pull that is thousands of times that of the earth’s, to provide highly detailed images.
“This leading-edge technology is faster and produces higher quality images than other MRI systems,” said Jessica Patel, City of Hope Orange County’s director of diagnostic radiology. “It gives our physicians a clear, non-invasive way to view vital structures in the patient’s body and enhances our diagnostic capabilities both before and after cancer treatment. Advanced imaging techniques like these can also be used to guide or in some cases even avoid a biopsy.”
Robotic Surgery
The benefits of robotic surgery include speedier recovery and a quicker return to normal life. City of Hope’s Lennar Foundation Cancer Center will offer minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery as its highly skilled surgeons utilize a da Vinci surgical system.
The latest robotic machines add an astounding level of precision. 3D video screens enable surgeons to see more (even around corners), while ultra-miniature instruments are guided to remove the smallest, most awkwardly located tumors no human hand could ever reach.
While the robotic arms may look straight out of a futuristic movie, they give highly trained and skilled surgeons the added benefits of technology that helps extend their capabilities.
There's more in store as the future of cancer medicine arrives in Orange County. And as the future unfolds, we'll make sure high tech AND high touch are two things patients can count on throughout their journey at City of Hope.
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