For every patient, the goal is detecting and diagnosing at the earliest stage. If you diagnose and treat a melanoma early, it can be cured." Christiane Querfeld, M.D., Ph.D., Chief, Division of Dermatology
City of Hope’s oncodermatology program brings together a team of experts who work together to provide comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate care. Our experts specialize in:
At the center of our approach is you — the patient. Whether you are concerned about potential signs of skin cancer, need a second opinion, or are experiencing side effects of cancer-related therapy or transplantation, our program provides leading-edge screening, diagnosis, personalized treatment and monitoring.
This includes expertly identifying melanomas and skin cancers that are not clinically obvious and providing early, accurate diagnosis. For more complex skin conditions, our patients benefit from the combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team, who meet regularly to review and consult on challenging cases.

Among our expert diagnostic methods is total body skin examination using a dermatoscope — a tool used to detect abnormalities on a microscopic level — and full body photography to monitor skin changes over time. Biopsies are evaluated by a board-certified dermatopathologist who combines clinical experience with leading-edge technology to provide the most accurate diagnosis. These and other sensitive diagnostic tools allow our team to identify rarer skin diseases — and avoid unnecessary treatment or excision.
When treatment is warranted, experts in fields as diverse as dermatology, medical oncology, hematology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, dermatopathology, plastic and reconstructive surgery and supportive care medicine meet regularly to determine the best treatment course.
This team meets with you regularly so you are always involved in the next steps of your care, and aware of all your options — including the latest treatments, surgical methods, skin-directed therapies, personalized medicine and clinical trials. Exciting new treatment options available to City of Hope patients include several targeted immunotherapies, CAR T cell therapy and T-VEC, an oncolytic immunotherapy for melanoma.

Skin-related side effects may result from cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, targeted immunotherapies and radiation, and patients who undergo bone marrow transplantation are uniquely susceptible to problems with skin, hair and nails — including a potentially serious condition called graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).
Our oncodermatology team’s deep experience with these therapies and their toxicities allows them to craft strategies to avoid potential side effects using skin-directed and phototherapies — and includes a clinic to treat specific issues arising from GVHD.

We have one of the nation’s most distinguished skin lymphoma programs (including both B cell and T cell lymphomas) — the only program in Southern California — with experts that provide multidisciplinary care.

Patients requiring surgery benefit from the partnership between our head and neck and plastic surgeons, and oncologists, who work together to ensure that, in addition to your clinical outcome, your cosmetic outcome is optimal. Our surgeons’ expertise includes advanced facial reconstructive and microvascular procedures for patients with complex skin cancers.

City of Hope’s oncodermatology program provides seamless, comprehensive care for the full spectrum of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancers and treatment-related skin conditions. Our unique collaboration of skin specialists from diverse fields means consistently exceptional care for our patients.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer or melanoma and need a second opinion, if you suspect skin cancer or melanoma and need screening, or if you are suffering with skin problems, request an appointment online or contact us at 800-826-4673. For information about making your first appointment, click here.