Division of Dermatology

Division of Dermatology

City of Hope’s oncodermatology program brings together a team of experts who work together to provide comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate care. Our experts specialize in:

Skin Cancers

Dermatologic Complications of Cancer Therapy

At the center of our approach is you — the patient. Whether you are concerned about potential signs of skin cancer, need a second opinion, or are experiencing side effects of cancer-related therapy or transplantation, our program provides leading-edge screening, diagnosis, personalized treatment and monitoring.
This includes expertly identifying melanomas and skin cancers that are not clinically obvious and providing early, accurate diagnosis. For more complex skin conditions, our patients benefit from the combined efforts of a multidisciplinary team, who meet regularly to review and consult on challenging cases.
When treatment is warranted, experts in fields as diverse as dermatology, medical oncology, hematology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, dermatopathology, plastic and molecular pathology and supportive care medicine meet regularly to determine the best treatment course.
This team meets with you regularly so you are always involved in the next steps of your care, and aware of all your options — including the latest treatments, surgical methods, skin-directed therapies, personalized medicine and clinical trials. 

City of Hope’s oncodermatology program provides seamless, comprehensive care for the full spectrum of common and rare skin cancers and treatment-related skin conditions. Our unique collaboration of skin specialists from diverse fields means consistently exceptional care for our patients.

If you are in need of dermatologic care, please request an appointment online or
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Dry Skin Care

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