Lung Cancer Services at City of Hope Orange County

Lung Cancer Services at City of Hope Orange County
Lung cancer is still highly prevalent in Orange County, but we are rapidly turning the tables. City of Hope offers leading-edge technologies to detect and treat lung cancer. We are the home to many breakthroughs and teams of experts who focus exclusively on lung cancer care.
What is lung cancer?
There are generally three main types: small cell, non-small cell, and carcinoid. These types of lung cancer progress differently and therefore have different treatments. You can learn more about lung cancer types here.
Our approach
Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer worldwide. Although many lung cancer patients are current or former smokers, a growing number of cases are being found in people who never smoked. Factors such as environment and genetics may be involved.
Unfortunately, lung cancer is sometimes stigmatized because the disease is so strongly associated with smoking. Some people may feel “shamed” and even avoid early detection or treatment of the disease.
At City of Hope, we focus on just one thing –improving the lives of our lung cancer patients. Here, you will find a staff of extraordinarily compassionate, non-judgmental caregivers who work with you and your loved ones to reach the best possible outcome.
Lung cancer prevention
For some patients, preventing lung cancer begins with smoking cessation. City of Hope offers a range of options, many of which are virtual. With all our programs, we focus on building a community of health care providers, researchers, patients, and families who support one another. We also help with medications to overcome withdrawal symptoms, behavioral strategies, problem solving and social network development to boost the likelihood of success. Learn more here.
There are other measures you can take to help prevent lung cancer. These include testing your home for radon and avoiding secondhand smoke. You can also improve your odds by eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly.
Lung cancer screening and early detection
City of Hope Orange County provides a state-of-the-art lung cancer screening program involving low dose CT testing. This early screening program is convenient (available in Newport Beach), painless, and has been shown highly effective in saving lives. Call (626) 256-4673 ext. 89114 to make an appointment.
If you have lung cancer
If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer, know that there are many treatment options available. To call for an appointment or second opinion with a City of Hope Orange County colorectal cancer specialist.