Department of Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology at City of Hope provides a full spectrum of perioperative services aimed at delivering compassionate, evidence-based care of the highest quality. Our anesthesiologists serve as key members of a patient’s surgical team. They play a vital role in and out of the operating room, helping to make decisions to protect and regulate a patient’s critical life functions (consciousness, breathing, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure) before, during and after surgical procedures.

The role of anesthesia in cancer treatment at City of Hope is evolving to care for the whole patient – from pre-anesthesia testing to surgery and interventional pain medicine.

Our care begins in the Pre-anesthesia Testing Clinic (PATC), where patients are seen and have their medical conditions optimized prior to surgery.

The goal of our PATC is to maximize patient safety while minimizing delay to surgical therapy. Once in the operating room, our patients receive state-of-the-art care from our team of compassionate and experienced anesthesiologists utilizing the most current techniques and technologies. Our team has extensive experience in providing anesthesia for patients undergoing minimally invasive and robotically assisted procedures.

The Department of Anesthesiology at City of Hope also includes specialists in pain medicine to help improve the quality of life of patients dealing with chronic pain. In addition, our team actively pursues innovative patient-centered research aimed at identifying the most advanced anesthetic techniques for surgical oncology patients.

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