At City of Hope, our mission is to provide our service area with community benefit that decreases health disparities. We achieve this through our efforts to address the root causes that create barriers to good health. Knowing that exercise and a healthy lifestyle reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases, we have established the Healthy Living Community Grant Program.  

The Healthy Living Community Grant Program is awarding $5,000 grants to groups/organizations that can demonstrate not-so-ordinary, sustainable and collaborative approaches to promoting healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity, cancer and diabetes prevention or smoking cessation.
Applicants must provide services, for vulnerable populations, within the Greater San Gabriel Valley. Proposals must incorporate at least one of these nine strategies:
  1. Motivate adults to be more physically active.
  2. Encourage adolescents to be more physically fit.
  3. Motivate people ages 2 and older to eat more fruits.
  4. Encourage people ages 2 and older to eat more vegetables.
  5. Enhance the physical and mental health of cancer survivors.
  6. Help people with pre-diabetes make lifestyle changes that reduce their high risk of developing diabetes.
  7. Keep children, adolescents and young adults from using tobacco products (including e-cigarettes).
  8. Teach people more healthy living practices so they will change their lifestyles (e.g., cancer screening, nutrition education, wellness, etc.).
  9. Promote changes in government policies and built environments that help people lead healthier lives (in other words, “How can we create places to live that encourage healthy behaviors?”).
The City of Hope Healthy Living Grant (HLG) recipients use our funding to make a difference. We know this because we went out and watched them work. Many broke down barriers to healthy living and lifestyles by providing much-needed support in the languages its community members speak. Others provided knowledge and education that help change the perspectives of individuals coming to their community. We have seen gardens grow, kids walk to school safely and early morning walkers getting in exercise before most other people’s days have begun. We have heard these programs delivered in Mandarin, Spanish and English. In order to effectively share what we have learned from our grantees, we want to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work (in our local vulnerable communities). To help them get ready, we assisted them in reporting their evaluation data and taught them how to turn those numbers into compelling 15-minute presentations. Then we provided each grantee with an opportunity share their findings at our yearly conference and awards luncheon (see the 2019 cohort presentations here).
Each year the City of Hope Community Benefit Advisory Council sits downs and reviews all the HLG submissions. After hours of reviewing the submissions individually, the HLG committee meets to discuss the each one and make their final recommendation for awardees. These recommendations are presented to the entire council for a vote. This year, the grantees represent an incredible group of non-profit organizations that are working hard to create impact in the lives of the people they serve. Below are brief details of the 2020 Healthy Living Grant recipients. 

2020 Healthy Living Grantees

Foundation for Living Beauty. New Ways to Support Women With Cancer, will continue to provide much needed support for women with cancer. Living Beauty will transform programs so that they can be held online. They will hold five online day retreats that will focus on meditation, yoga, pain management and nutrition. The Foundation for Living Beauty’s focus is to aid in a woman’s healing during her cancer journey, from all aspects of her life while providing tools to continue the healing on her own. 
BREATHE California of Los Angeles County. BREATHE LA will conduct three one-hour Adult Lung Health Workshops with a lung screening for up to 50 people per site. Workshop attendees will be able to determine their COPD risk and all who score in a high risk range will receive a referral to their primary care physician to share test results. While there is no cure for chronic lung disease, the Adult Lung Health Workshops will provide education, awareness and empowerment in support of early detection and identification of COPD among individuals in high-risk, high-need areas within the Greater San Gabriel Valley. 
Antelope Valley Partners in Health. Antelope Valley-Diabetes Education Empowerment Program (AV-DEEP) is designed to help people with pre-diabetes, diabetes, relatives and caregivers gain a better understanding of diabetes self-care. Eight unique learning modules on improving eating habits, increasing physical activity, selfcare strategies, preventing diabetes related complications and utilizing resources will be given during a six week program. DEEP classes will be held onsite and at their local Community Wellness Homes. They will look towards ways to adapt to the COVID safe physical distancing guidelines. 
Pasadena Educational Foundation. Power Kids Diabetes Prevention Program along with Huntington Hospital, will address diabetes prevention in children and youth through a seven-week program of nutrition education and physical activity focusing on those who are overweight or are at increased risk for later obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. This non-judgmental family model program is designed to avoid making children and youth feel ashamed of their weight. 
Eco Urban Gardens. Rosemead High School Best of Thymes Farm Stand will offer up afternoon/evening and weekend gardening workshops that will transform the school lot into a community garden. Throughout the year students will be hosting a Farm Stand at the school and local farmer’s market. Students learn entrepreneurial skills like hosting a farm stand, understanding seasonal organic produce, its nutritional density value, differentiate between organically grown produce and industrially farmed food and marketing. 
Pomona Environmental Advocacy for Community Health. Urban Farming and Socio-Ecological Resilience will conduct key informant interviews from community garden managers and participants to better understand how the community garden has contributed to their resilience during the COVID-19 crisis. They will develop and implement online urban farming classes to help vulnerable residents in Pomona. 
Happy50Plus. Enriching the Life of Older Chinese/AAPI Americans through Innovation will use a creative approach to reach underserved older, monolingual Chinese Americans. Through their multi-faceted components and life-enhancing in-person events, older Chinese Americans will take part in interactive, informative, and fun events meant to reduce social isolation and increase physical and mental health among older Chinese/AAPI adults.
Circle of Hope. The Cancer Wellness Programs are targeted towards underserved cancer patients and survivors in their community. Focus will be on physical activity, good nutrition and mental health of cancer survivors. Classes will be offered in group, individual and virtual settings through Zoom, Facebook Live and other social platforms. They believe with all their hearts that no one should fight cancer alone, and envision a time where every hand will be held and every fear addressed.

2020 City of Hope Community Building Grant Recipients

Families Together of Orange County Community Health Center. Will provide food for families in need during COVID-19. FTOCCHC is a look-alike community health center in Tustin. During this crisis, while health services have declined need for food has substantially increased. This grant will allow them to quadruple their program to offer more food and food options, health education materials and recipes for families in need. The food program will take place twice each month outside, and here too, social distancing will occur. The team at Families Together of Orange County is committed to serving the local community. They are a family of professionals dedicated to making a difference in the Orange County area. 
Project Angel Food. For Life, for Love, for as Long as it takes... Project Angel Food prepares and delivers healthy meals to feed people impacted by serious illness, bringing comfort and hope every day. They are uniquely positioned to address the nutritional needs of Los Angeles County residents, including in underserved areas like the San Gabriel Valley, who are battling serious illness, with their home delivered medically tailored meal and nutrition services program. They will serve medically tailored meals to 2600 clients in LA County, including underserved areas such as the San Gabriel valley, where they will serve 160 clients.

We will have a spring 2021 release for the next cycle of Healthy Living grants.   Be sure to check back in with us to get the new application so you can become a part of this incredible program.

For more information, please contact Nancy Clifton-Hawkins at: [email protected].