Coming together to plant hope in the ground is a bonding experience at its most basic and natural. Finding a plot of land that can be cultivated, sewn and harvested creates a space where people can work together toward a common goal, get to know each other better and develop a healthy hobby literally from the ground up.
That’s the idea behind our new Garden of Hope, a community garden on the Duarte campus that is already giving back to staff and volunteers in more ways than one. "The garden aligns with our Nourishing Hope program, which promotes the connection between nutrition and well-being for patients, employees and visitors,” said Angela Wan, senior project manager in Enterprise Support Services.
The garden gives anyone on our campus the chance to pick fresh, healthy and clean food.
Wan and Community Benefit Manager Nancy Clifton-Hawkins co-founded the Garden of Hope, which is located just off the Buena Vista entrance in the parking lot across from the Flash building. The garden is open to all City of Hope employees, patients and everyone else who visits the campus. This garden is sponsored in part by the City of Hope - Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Partnership.

Upcoming Events

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Join the Garden Club

The Garden Club meets every Friday from 8 A.M. to 10 A.M. and again from 12 P.M. to 2 P.M. Gloves and garden tools are provided.
Although still in its early stages, Clifton-Hawkins said the club has big plans for the garden, with several community partnerships already in the pipeline. A field trip from students at Beardslee Elementary School will take place soon, and produce from the garden may soon be part of a farmers market at the Beardslee campus. City of Hope’s own chef Christian Eggerling has visited the garden and may be sourcing herbs and vegetables for meals prepared on campus.
Clifton-Hawkins said she is passionate about bringing the garden to as many people as possible because its impact goes far beyond the nutritional benefits.
“The garden is an incredible opportunity to change how we think about closing health disparities, such as access to food,” she said. “There is something special about the garden because it makes people feel like they are doing something bigger than themselves.”
The produce that is harvested is distributed among the Garden “Sprouts” volunteers, patients, the City of Hope cafeteria and the Savoring Hope cooking classes.

If you are interested in volunteer just show up to the Garden Club and get started. If you are a City of Hope employee you can earn up to 200 Wellness Points/month just for volunteering 30 minutes. All abilities are welcome.

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