Healthy Living Grant Program

At City of Hope, our mission is to provide our service area with community benefit that decreases health disparities. We achieve this through our efforts to address the root causes that create barriers to good health. Knowing that exercise and a healthy lifestyle reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases, we have established the Healthy Living Community Grant Program.  

The Healthy Living Community Grant Program is awarding $5,000 grants to groups/organizations that can demonstrate not-so-ordinary, sustainable and collaborative approaches to promoting healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity, cancer and diabetes prevention or smoking cessation.

Applicants must provide services, for vulnerable populations, within the Greater San Gabriel Valley. Proposals must incorporate at least one of these nine strategies:
  1. Motivate adults to be more physically active.
  2. Encourage adolescents to be more physically fit.
  3. Motivate people ages 2 and older to eat more fruits.
  4. Encourage people ages 2 and older to eat more vegetables.
  5. Enhance the physical and mental health of cancer survivors.
  6. Help people with pre-diabetes make lifestyle changes that reduce their high risk of developing diabetes.
  7. Keep children, adolescents and young adults from using tobacco products (including e-cigarettes).
  8. Teach people more healthy living practices so they will change their lifestyles (e.g., cancer screening, nutrition education, wellness, etc.).
  9. Promote changes in government policies and built environments that help people lead healthier lives (in other words, “How can we create places to live that encourage healthy behaviors?”).
The City of Hope Healthy Living Grant (HLG) recipients use our funding to make a difference. We know this because we went out and watched them work. Many broke down barriers to healthy living and lifestyles by providing much-needed support in the languages its community members speak. Others provided knowledge and education that help change the perspectives of individuals coming to their community. We have seen gardens grow, kids walk to school safely and early morning walkers getting in exercise before most other people’s days have begun. We have heard these programs delivered in Mandarin, Spanish and English. In order to effectively share what we have learned from our grantees, we want to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work (in our local vulnerable communities). To help them get ready, we assisted them in reporting their evaluation data and taught them how to turn those numbers into compelling 15-minute presentations. Then we provided each grantee with an opportunity share their findings at our yearly conference and awards luncheon (see the 2017 presentations here).
Each year the City of Hope Community Benefit Advisory Council sits downs and reviews all the HLG submissions.  After hours of reviewing the submissions individually, the HLG committee meets to discuss the each one and make their final recommendation for awardees.   These recommendations are presented to the entire council for a vote.   This year, the grantees represent an incredible group of non-profit organizations that are working hard to create impact in the lives of the people they serve.    Below are brief details of the 2017 Healthy Living Grant recipients. 

2017 Healthy Living Grantees

Asian Youth Center. The Accelerated Children's Education (ACE) program will consist of weekly classroom projects designed to teach youth healthy facts and habits. Lessons are correlated with the California Core standards for health education.  Students ages 6-14 will also receive the SPARK physical education component for at least 30 minutes each day.
BREATHE California of LA County. Will train 20 afterschool facilitators in the No To Tobacco Program  for delivery to at least 500 youth. Ten teams of students will create the anti-tobacco PSAs.  Entries will be shown on the BREATHE LA YouTube channel and promoted through social media.
Boys & Girls Club of West SGV. Utilizing the BGC’s evidenced based Triple Play (TP) program, they will partner with Mildred B. Janson Elementary School, in Rosemead, during school hours. This fitness program will run September 2017 thru May 2018, be offered three times per week in two-hour blocks, for a total of 6 hours per week. Almost 300 youth K-6th grade will benefit from this program.
Eco Urban Gardens. The Arroyo High School Community Garden program will create a health hub for the city of El Monte through a collaboration with the school and local community partners. The students and community members will engage in hand’s on gardening, cultivation of crops, healthy food prep, goal setting and physical activities.
Our Savior Center. Taking place at the Doris Dann Kid’s Campus, the Sustainable Garden will address the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, the need for local food, the restoration of natural habitat, impacts of climate change and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. This program will serve approx. 1800 children and their families.
Antelope Valley Partners for Health. The YOLO Wellness Challenge is a free, friendly community wellness competition which rewards participants for developing and maintaining healthy habits. Each participant earns points for each item they complete. “Selfies” are submitted to verify task/activity completion. At the end of the challenge participants can win prizes. 
The Learning Centers at Fairplex. Healthy Seniors at the Farm at Fairplex is one year program focused on how volunteering and working at the 5-acre farm impacts health. Seniors will be asked to volunteer 450 hours over the year and participate in an array of farming activities that include seeding, planting, harvesting, cooking and participate in monthly health education sessions.  They will wear Fitbits to monitor health and nutrition data. There will be fitness, blood pressure, body measurements and glucose testing to measure changes in clinical health indicators too.
Pasadena Educational Foundation. These Pop Up Farmer’s Markets will address food insecurity and lack of access to healthy foods by opening up a farmer’s market every Tuesday evening between 4-6pm.  Located along busy Peoria Street, and down the block from a closed Von’s market, they will sell fruits and vegetables for $1/bag. The fruits and vegetables will be sourced from the PUSD garden. They intend to reach 20 families per week.

We will have a spring 2018 release for the next cycle of Healthy Living grants.   Be sure to check back in with us to get the new application so you can become a part of this incredible program.


2017 City of Hope Community Building Grant Recipients

Kare Youth League. Funds from the Healthy Living Community Grant Program will be used to remodel and create a Health Center in one of the modular buildings donated by the Los Angeles Unified School District located at the new Kare Park in Irwindale.
East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless.  The Healthy Living Grant will allow for the ESGVCH to address the critical needs for emergency shelter by providing motel vouchers for their most vulnerable clients.

Please note: We are now accepting applications through April 15, 2018. For more information, please contact Nancy Clifton-Hawkins at: [email protected].