At City of Hope, our mission is to provide our service area with community benefit that decreases health disparities. We achieve this through our efforts to address the root causes that create barriers to good health. Knowing that exercise and a healthy lifestyle reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases, we have established the Healthy Living Community Grant Program.  

The Healthy Living Community Grant Program is awarding $5,000 grants to groups/organizations that can demonstrate not-so-ordinary, sustainable and collaborative approaches to promoting healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity, cancer and diabetes prevention or smoking cessation.
Applicants must provide services, for vulnerable populations, within the Greater San Gabriel Valley. Proposals must incorporate at least one of these nine strategies:
  1. Motivate adults to be more physically active.
  2. Encourage adolescents to be more physically fit.
  3. Motivate people ages 2 and older to eat more fruits.
  4. Encourage people ages 2 and older to eat more vegetables.
  5. Enhance the physical and mental health of cancer survivors.
  6. Help people with pre-diabetes make lifestyle changes that reduce their high risk of developing diabetes.
  7. Keep children, adolescents and young adults from using tobacco products (including e-cigarettes).
  8. Teach people more healthy living practices so they will change their lifestyles (e.g., cancer screening, nutrition education, wellness, etc.).
  9. Promote changes in government policies and built environments that help people lead healthier lives (in other words, “How can we create places to live that encourage healthy behaviors?”).
The City of Hope Healthy Living Grant (HLG) recipients use our funding to make a difference. We know this because we went out and watched them work. Many broke down barriers to healthy living and lifestyles by providing much-needed support in the languages its community members speak. Others provided knowledge and education that help change the perspectives of individuals coming to their community. We have seen gardens grow, kids walk to school safely and early morning walkers getting in exercise before most other people’s days have begun. We have heard these programs delivered in Mandarin, Spanish and English. In order to effectively share what we have learned from our grantees, we want to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work (in our local vulnerable communities). To help them get ready, we assisted them in reporting their evaluation data and taught them how to turn those numbers into compelling 15-minute presentations. Then we provided each grantee with an opportunity share their findings at our yearly conference and awards luncheon (see the 2019 presentations here).
Each year the City of Hope Community Benefit Advisory Council sits downs and reviews all the HLG submissions. After hours of reviewing the submissions individually, the HLG committee meets to discuss the each one and make their final recommendation for awardees. These recommendations are presented to the entire council for a vote. This year, the grantees represent an incredible group of non-profit organizations that are working hard to create impact in the lives of the people they serve. Below are brief details of the 2019 Healthy Living Grant recipients. 

2019 Healthy Living Grantees

Walk with Sally. Walk With Sally believes no child should walk alone through a loved one's cancer, they promote hope through individualized mentoring and community support services that empower children traumatized by a parent, guardian or sibling's cancer journey. Friendship Activity Days will address the emotional wellbeing of the child and guides them on healthier lifestyle choices.
Foothill Unity Center. Fresh Food Workshops and Health Screening, is a “one-stop shopping” strategy to effectively deliver multiple services needed by the low-income population in the community. This program meets clients where they are to provide a variety of health, wellness, financial literacy and advocacy support that help’s the Center’s low income clients to begin to take control of their health.
Set for Life, Inc. The initiative, Our Bodies, A Living Sacrifice, is a pilot program with the goal of convening local African American church leadership in Monrovia and Duarte around a short tem strategic plan focusing on specific activities to increase congregant’s knowledge about health living practices, resources and reduce the incidents of preventable chronic disease and cancers in African Americans.
Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, Inc. Managing Diabetes and Cardiovascular Workshops are two-hour interactive workshops held in Chinese (Mandarin). Each series consists of three weekly workshops culturally tailored to the population. APHCV will reach 100 participants.
Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade. The Healthy Kids Zones will combat childhood obesity, promote healthy eating and exercise habits and foster youth development among children in grades K-8 living in the economically disadvantaged urban communities of South Los Angeles.
Azusa Beautiful. Azusa Beautiful! Go Garden for Body, Mind and Spirit is a creative approach that will focused on a 40 plot community garden that can accommodate up to 90 people. Programming will include: Go Garden Yoga, Smart Gardening, Food Preservation, Tots in the Plots and Garden Mindfulness and Meditation.
Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Orange County and Inland Empire. Wellness Through Mentoring Project will address the social and economic challenges that are largely responsible for mental and behavioral health programs for low income children and youth. This project will support health and wellness training and development for 21 BBBSOCIE staff specifically addressing mental and behavioral health challenges of mentees.
Azusa Pacific University. Baldwin Park Neighborhood Wellness Center will use home visits, conduct individual health education classes and presentations to education 200 Baldwin Park residents to empower them to incorporate daily healthy living practices that changes lives.
Hope Through Housing Foundation. Healthy Choices—Let’s Grow Promenade will promote the harvesting and consumption of home-grown fruits and vegetables for low income residents within an affordable housing community in West Covina. Residents will select, till and manage their own plots in an effort to combat food deserts, poor nutrition, childhood obesity and sedentary lifestyles.


2019 City of Hope Community Building Grant Recipient

MOMs OC. Understands the importance of social connections among women and families, especially during pregnancy and the first year of life. Many of the women they serve experience a sense of isolation living in an urban environment. Relatives may not live nearby and unsafe neighborhoods keep them indoors. Knowing the value of community, MOMs OC encourages every mother in their program to participate in group health education classes, as well in as our Mommy & Me groups. The groups serve a dual purpose as they offer an opportunity for mothers to share their struggles, ask questions, and to gain positive reinforcement and new insights about motherhood and infant development. Funding will ensure that a projected 2,100 mothers in their program receive regular depression and domestic violence screenings, as well as case management to connect those in need to professional services and interventions.

For more information, please contact Nancy Clifton-Hawkins at: [email protected].