Healthy Living Grant Program

The City of Hope Healthy Living Grant recipients use our funding to make a difference in the lives of people. We know this because we went out and watched them work. Many broke down barriers to healthy living and lifestyles by providing much-needed support in the languages its community members speak. Others provided knowledge and education that help change the perspectives of individuals coming to their community. We have seen gardens grow, kids walk to school safely and early morning walkers getting in exercise before most other people’s days have begun. We have heard these programs delivered in Mandarin, Spanish and English. In order to effectively share what we have learned from our grantees, we want to provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work (in our local vulnerable communities). To help them get ready, we assisted them in reporting their evaluation data and taught them how to turn those numbers into compelling 15-minute presentations. Then we provided that showcasing opportunity in August.  

August 2016 was our first year Healthy Living Grant program culminated in a half-day conference. At this conference, the grantees presented their findings and lessons learned during the year and hosted a poster session to address questions on a more personal level. This conference concluded with the announcement of our 2016 Healthy Living Grantees. The event’s objective is to provide grantees with a professional experience in sharing their program results, develop a connection between the grantees, and provide exposure to the impactful work that is taking place in our local community. 

A new cycle begins with our 2016-2017 year. The 2016 Healthy Living Grantee will showcase their work at our August 2017 conference where the 2017 Healthy Living Grantees will be announced. 

2017 Healthy Living Grant Application

At City of Hope, our mission is to provide our service area with community benefit that decreases health disparities. We achieve this through our efforts to address the root causes that create barriers to good health. Knowing that exercise and a healthy lifestyle reduces the risks of cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases, we have established the Healthy Living Community Grant Program.  

The Healthy Living Community Grant Program is awarding $5,000 grants to groups/organizations that can demonstrate not-so-ordinary, sustainable and collaborative approaches to promoting healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity, cancer and diabetes prevention or smoking cessation.

Applicants must provide services, for vulnerable populations, within the Greater San Gabriel Valley. Proposals must incorporate at least one of these nine strategies:
  1. Motivate adults to be more physically active.
  2. Encourage adolescents to be more physically fit.
  3. Motivate people ages 2 and older to eat more fruits.
  4. Encourage people ages 2 and older to eat more vegetables.
  5. Enhance the physical and mental health of cancer survivors.
  6. Help people with pre-diabetes make lifestyle changes that reduce their high risk of developing diabetes.
  7. Keep children, adolescents and young adults from using tobacco products (including e-cigarettes).
  8. Teach people more healthy living practices so they will change their lifestyles (e.g., cancer screening, nutrition education, wellness, etc.).
  9. Promote changes in government policies and built environments that help people lead healthier lives (in other words, “How can we create places to live that encourage healthy behaviors?”).

Please note: Grant submission is now closed. Awardees will be announced by Friday, July 21, 2017. For more information, please contact Nancy Clifton-Hawkins at: [email protected].