Compassion and quality care has been woven into the heart and soul of City of Hope since the beginning. Perhaps less well known is the important part City of Hope nurses play in the broader City of Hope mission.

Uniquely at City of Hope, scientists, researchers, physicians and nurses interact daily to share ideas and discuss real world results.

Our patients, their families and our staff are all part of a unified effort to win the fight against cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life-changing diseases and our nurses are the primary conduit through which our leading-edge research informs our compassionate care and vice versa.

Your role in this virtuous cycle is crucial.
City of Hope’s professional practice model is role-based nursing, bolstered by a shared-governance model of leadership. As a City of Hope nurse, you are daily challenged to expand your skills and expertise and to practice at the highest levels of your licensure. We know that only as you grow and improve, may we grow and improve.

With low nurse-to-patient ratios and initiatives including nursing-sensitive outcome measures implemented across all units, our focus on quality is unsurpassed.
Nurses at City of Hope foster close connections not only among their co-workers, but also with those for whom they provide care. Our reputation for compassion and healing is invaluable to our patients — but it’s just as important to us, too.