Community Benefit


At City of Hope, we're striving to benefit the communities in our service areas by decreasing health disparities in multiple ways. Those include creating major institutional shifts in thinking about community benefits, organizing thoughtful community collaborations and partnerships, and addressing the root causes that create barriers to good health.

Designating community benefit programs as an institutional priority has increased our urgency about creating meaningful, impactful programs that meet the needs of the vulnerable populations in our service area. By instituting a comprehensive 2022-2025 Community Benefit Implementation Strategy, we're viewing existing and future programs through a lens that places vulnerable populations at the forefront of our planning process.

This institutional commitment is fostering collaboration among City of Hope employees participating in community benefit activities. By making community benefit a priority, we're taking a more strategic focus on the needs that are critical to our service area, and creating pathways for health and healing.


Community Benefit Reports

City of Hope is proud to share the results of our efforts to be responsive to the diverse needs of the multicultural communities we serve, making an extensive investment in the future of our healthcare workforce, and developing the infrastructure necessary to carry out an extensive variety of community projects.

We invite you to be active partners with City of Hope in helping to meet the needs of our community. Please take the time to explore our reports, available for download below. Feel free to share your comments with us or make requests for additional data.

Community Benefit Bulletin

Community Health Needs Assessments

Implementation Strategies

2017 Clinical Cancer Report of 2015 Data

The Cancer Committee is pleased to present the 2017 Clinical Cancer Report of 2015 Data. Included are reports on our achievements in 2015 as well as reporting of outcomes and Cancer Registry data for 2015 cases. This report reflects the continued commitment to our patients and our desire to provide the best care possible.