Department of Pathology

Led by pathologists renowned for diagnostic excellence, the Department of Pathology at City of Hope combines state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with the latest diagnostic techniques and advanced instrumentation with superior investigative skills to accurately and rapidly identify even the rarest and most complex diseases.
Our experts provide comprehensive services, from initial diagnosis to monitoring of prognostic indicators throughout the treatment process.

Pathology Consultation Services

Our Pathology Consultation Services offer a comprehensive program to fulfill all pathology needs. Physicians at City of Hope and from around the world choose to submit their biopsy samples here because our laboratories are of the highest caliber and our team of pathologists are recognized experts in diagnosing and monitoring disease.

Rapid, Integrated Results at Competitive Prices

Our highly efficient support staff delivers complete and accurate reports quickly to the requesting physician. The results of multiple tests are combined into one integrated report. In most cases, test results are reported within 24 to 48 hours, with automatic faxing capability, once the reports are signed out.  
We offer highly competitive prices for our services.  The professional revenues generated are used to support the department's research activities.