Christiane Querfeld Lab Publications

  • Querfeld, C., Thompson, J.A., Taylor, M.A., DeSimone, J.A., Zain, J.M., Shustov, A.R., Johns, C., McCann, S., Lin, G.H.Y., Uger, R.A., Molley, N., Shou, Y., & Akilov, O.E. Intralesional delivery of TTI 621, a novel biologic targeting the innate immune checkpoint CD47, in patients with relapsed or refractory mycosis fungoides or Sézary syndrome: results from a phase 1 clinical study in patients with cutaneous lymphoma. Lancet Haematol 8(11): 808-817, 2021
  • Di Raimondo, C., Han, Z., Su, C., Wu, X., Qin, H., Sanchez, J.F., Yuan, Y.C., Martinez, X., Abdulla, F., Zain, J., Rosen, S.T., & Querfeld, C. Identification of miRNA regulatory network and the tumor microenvironment gene profile in large cell transformation of mycosis fungoides. Cancers (epub ahead), 2021
  • Han, Z., Estephan, R.J., Wu, X., Su, C., Yuan, Y.C., Qin, H., Kil, S.H., Morales, C., Schmolze, D., Sanchez, J.F., Tian, L., Yu, J., Kortylewski, M., Rosen, S.T., & Querfeld, C. miRNA regulation of T cell exhaustion in cutaneous T cell lymphoma. J Invest Dermatol (Epub ahead), 2021
  • Trum, N.A., Zain, J., Parekh, V., Afkhami, M., Abdulla, F., Carson, K.R., Rosen, S.T., Bennett, C.L., & Querfeld, C. Mogamulizu-mab efficacy is underscored by its associated rash that mimics cutaneous T cell lymphoma: a retrospective single-center case series. Brit J Dermatol (Epub ahead), 2021
  • Querfeld, C., Scarisbrick, J.J., Assaf, C., Guenova, E., Bagot, M., Ortiz-Romero, P.L., Quaglino, P., Bonizzoni, E., & Hodak, E. Post hoc analysis of a randomized, controlled, Phase 2 study to assess response rates with chlormethine/mechlorethamine gel in Patients with stage IA-IIA mycosis fungoides. Dermatology (Epub ahead), 2021
  • Martinez, X.U., Chowdhury, A., Stiller, T., Palmer, J., Loscalzo, M., Barrios, E., Abdulla, F., Zain, J., Rosen, S.T., & Querfeld, C. The impact of gender, age, race/ethnicity, and stage on quality of life in a spectrum of cutaneous lymphomas. Support Care Cancer 29(11), 6669-6679, 2021
  • Querfeld, C., Leung, S., Myskowski, P.L., Curran, S.A., Goldman, D.A., Heller, G., Wu, X., Kil, S.H., Sharma, S., Finn, K., Mehrara, B., Horwitz, S., Moskowitz, A., Rosen, S.T., Halpern, A.C., & Young, J.W. Primary T-cells from cutaneous T-cell lymphoma skin explants display an exhausted immune checkpoint profile. Cancer Immunol Res 6(8): 900-909, 2018
  • Zhang, X.H., Nam, S., Wu, J., Chen, C.H., Liu, X., Li, H., McKeithan, T., Gong, Q., Chan, W.C., Yin, H.H., Yuan, Y.C., Pillai, R., Querfeld, C., Horne, D., Chen, Y., & Rosen, S.T. Multi-kinase inhibitor with anti-p38γ activity in cutaneous T cell lymphoma. J Invest Dermatol 138(11): 2377-2387, 2018

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