The Cherng Family Center for Integrative Oncology




The Cherng Family Center for Integrative Oncology at City of Hope is committed to evolving the standard of care for cancer patients nationwide by investigating the potential benefits of a wide range of integrative therapies, including many traditional Eastern approaches to health and well-being. Our vision is to shape a new standard of care—one that truly treats the whole patient and expands access to high-quality integrative care that is supported by the research we conduct right here at City of Hope.

This bold initiative, made possible by a transformative $100 million gift from Andrew and Peggy Cherng of the Cherng family’s Panda Charitable Family Foundation, supports City of Hope’s overarching mission to provide personalized, comprehensive cancer care for every patient—mind, body and soul.

Leveraging Integrative Oncology to Set a New Standard for Cancer Care

Integrative oncology is a holistic approach to cancer care that focuses on the whole person, using evidence-based therapies and treatments that support a patient’s physical and mental health, as well as their long-term well-being. It treats not just the cancer, but also the side effects that interfere with quality of life. An estimated 40 percent of cancer patients already use integrative therapies, and studies have shown that they can improve quality of life and lead to better clinical outcomes.

For centuries, millions of people worldwide have turned to the healing traditions of Eastern medicine to ease symptoms and side effects of disease and support healthy living. Cancer patients especially have sought the healing properties of acupuncture, yoga, herbs and other Eastern therapies to manage cancer-related side effects like pain, nausea and neuropathy. The Cherng Family Center will study the benefits of these kinds of therapies and seek to bring those proven through careful clinical research into a new, nationally accepted, evidence-based standard of care that helps patients everywhere manage cancer and its side effects. City of Hope will make integrative oncology a routine and interwoven part of optimal cancer care and survivorship.

That’s the clarity and vision The Cherng Family Center seeks to provide. Led by world-renowned integrative oncology experts Edward Kim, M.D., M.B.A., and Richard T. Lee, M.D., The Cherng Family Center will establish a first-of-its-kind national integrative oncology program that leads the way in unlocking the scientific potential of integrative oncology, bringing together Eastern and Western approaches to holistic cancer care.

The Cherng Family Center’s work will focus on three major areas:

  • Research: Conducting translational research that will have direct impact for patients worldwide
  • Clinical care: Delivering evidence-based integrative services to our patients
  • Education: Establishing training programs for clinicians and providing educational resources for patients and the entire oncology community

City of Hope’s Pioneering Approach to Cancer Care

For the past century, City of Hope has been at the forefront of scientific research into cancer and other life-threatening conditions, having helped developed advances in treatment options such as synthetic insulin, bone marrow transplantation and CAR T-cell therapy. By leveraging City of Hope’s infrastructure, scientific expertise and global recognition for bringing breakthroughs in treatment to patients with lifesaving speed, The Cherng Family Center is uniquely positioned to become a leading voice in integrative oncology, bringing the rigor of scientific research and clinical trials to a field that has the potential to impact millions of patients every year.

Integrative Care at City of Hope

The Cherng Center works closely with other clinical teams and research teams at City of Hope as well as our Department of Supportive Care Medicine to offer integrative care options for patients in Southern California. We are continually working to add new integrative services. Our current program includes a wide range of options, such as:

  • Integrative oncology consultations
  • Mind-body approaches such as meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Yoga 

The Cherng Family Center offers another, important way for City of Hope to deliver on its commitment to expand access to innovative cancer care for all. As the center’s research identifies the proven benefits of more evidence-based therapies, City of Hope will extend more sustainable integrative offerings to our Southern California patients, to those in our hospitals nationwide, and eventually to cancer patients everywhere.


Edward Sanghyun Kim

Edward S. Kim, M.D., M.B.A., is the physician-in-chief of City of Hope Orange County, vice physician-in-chief of City of Hope National Medical Center, Professor, of the Department of Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research, and Physician-in-Chief Chair of the Construction Industries Alliance City

Richard T. Lee, M.D.
Cherng Family Director's Chair, Center for Integrative Oncology

Richard T. Lee, M.D., is the medical director of the Integrative Medicine Program in the Department of Supportive Care Medicine at City of Hope.