Provider-Based Billing

What Is a Provider-Based Facility?

A provider-based facility is a hospital outpatient department of City of Hope National Medical Center, a general acute care hospital in Duarte, California and National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. Patients benefit because we offer additional resources for them and their families, including clinical nutrition, social work, rehabilitation/physical therapy, psychosocial screening and other related services.

Which City of Hope Locations Are Provider-Based?

How Will My Bill Look for Provider-Based Billing?

Provider-based facility bills may have two components for professional services and hospital/facility services. Your out-of-pocket for copayments, coinsurance and/or deductible will depend on your insurance coverage and benefits plan. As a result, you may incur a liability to City of Hope National Medical Center that you would otherwise not incur if the services were furnished in a free-standing facility that was not hospital-based. City of Hope will send a single patient statement that may contain patient out-of-pocket liability for both hospital and professional charges.  


Will I Have to Pay More?

Every patient’s situation is dependent on your insurance coverage and the services you receive. 

Who Do I Contact if I Have Questions About My Insurance Coverage?

City of Hope National Medical Center Financial Counselors are available at 844-936-4673, to answer any questions or concerns about your possible financial liability.