Services Provided

High-throughput Sequencing
We provide a variety of services for deep-sequencing of RNA or DNA samples. We will help you choose the best platform and experimental protocols for your projects:
1) RNA Analysis
    a) RNA-seq (see here for RNA-seq decision tree)
        mRNA expression, transcriptome analysis, alternative splicing, coding SNPs, moonoallelic expression:
(1) Poly(A) enriched mRNA-seq;
(2) Ribo-Zero based transriptome sequencing
(3) Stranded and unstranded RNA-seq;
(4) Low input RNA-Seq
(a) Nugen Ovation® RNA Seq System V2
(b) SMARTer™ Ultra Low RNA Kit
     b) smRNA-seq:
     Profilng miRNA and other small RNAs (piRNA, etc.); siRNA processing;
2) DNA Analysis
    a) ChIP-seq: DNA-protein interactions across the entire genome
    b) Methyl-seq:
i) MDB-seq, MeDIP-seq;
ii) Whole genome bisulfate sequencing
iii) RRBS (Reduced representation bisulfate sequencing)
    c) Targeted resequencing:
i) Exome-seq
 Single point mutation and small indel detection in coding exons (and UTRs), as well as structural variations
ii) Customized panels
(1) Agilent’s SureSelectXT
(2) Life Technology’s AmpliSeq
(3) Agilent’s Haloplex
    d) Whole genome sequencing
i) Single point mutation and indel detection
ii) Structure variant detection: large indels, copy number changes, inversion, translocation and others
    e) De novo sequencing
         Assembly of small genomes or BAC
    f) Metagenomic sequencing
       Baterial 16S rRNA profiling
We provide various RNA and DNA analysis using Microarray technologies from Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina. Most of the protocols are compatible with FFPE samples:
1)RNA Analysis
    a) Gene Expression
         i) Affymetrix’s GeneChip arrays
         ii) Illumina’s human HT12 v4 array
         iii) Agilent’s genome expression array
2) DNA Analysis
    a) DNA Methylation
         i) HD 850K array
    b) Copy number analysis
         i) Agilent’s CGH array
        ii) Affymetrix Oncoscan array
    c) Genotyping
        i) Affymetrix SNP array and Oncoscan array
        ii) Illumina’s whole genome and targeted genotyping array
Data Analysis
We provide comprehensive data analysis service for all data generated within our core, including microarray and high-throughput sequencing data. We also support analysis of genomic data downloaded from GEO or other databases:
1) Standard Data Analysis
   a) RNA-seq/miRNA-seq: QC, alignment, counting, differential expression, GO/Pathway
   b) ChIP-seq: QC, alignment, peak calling/annotation, differenti
   c) Exome-seq: QC, alignment, variants calling/annotation
   d) BS-seq: QC, alignment, methylation report, annotation, differential methylatio
   e) Transcriptome: In addition to RNA-seq standard service, identification of novel transcripts/ncRNA, de novo assembly when needed
   f) Microarray (expression): QC, differential expression, GO/pathway
2) Custom Analysis includes any non-standard services, or large projects with more than 20 samples
3) We also actively develop software packages for genomic data analysis
Quality and quantity measurements of nucleotides samples. Both DNA and RNA samples are accepted. Nanodrop Spectrometer or Qubit Fluorometer will be used for quantifying samples. Bioanalyzer will be used for sample quality assurance and library quality.
Sanger Sequencing
We also provide standard Sanger sequencing service for PCR product, BAC, plasmid, bisulfate sequencing etc.