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The Huang Lab

Our lab is interested in molecular mechanisms that govern metabolism in diabetes and cancer. We use genetically engineered mouse models and molecular pharmacology tools to identify novel signaling pathways in metabolism and provide new targets for drug discovery. A particular focus is on bile acid signaling and bile acid receptors as mediators of the beneficial metabolic effects from bariatric surgery. A second interest is in screening and identifying novel small chemical compounds, including those from natural plants and other sources, to treat diabetes and cancer.

Principal Investigator

Wendong Huang, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Diabetes Complications & Metabolism Research
Role: Principal Investigator
Research Focus: Cancer Biology

Principal Investigator

Wendong Huang, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Diabetes Complications & Metabolism Research
Role:Principal Investigator
Research Focus: Cancer Biology

Lab Members

  • Jiawei Zhang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
    Training: Zhejiang University, Ph.D.
    Research interests: CAMKII and cancer development
    [email protected]
  • Yangmeng Wang, Ph.D, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Training: Tsinghua University, Ph.D.
    Research interests: Bariatric surgery and adipocyte reprogramming
    [email protected]
  • Zhipeng Fang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
    Training: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.
    Research interests: Liver lncRNAs and metabolic regulation
    [email protected]
  • Erin Zhang, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow
    Training:  Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University
    Research interests: Intestinal mechanism in diabetes and metabolic regulation
    [email protected]
  • Rose Tu, Predoctoral student 
    Research interests: Bile acids and microbiome
  • Senlin Xu, Predoctoral student 
    Research interests: Targeting CAMKII in cancer treatment by natural compounds 
  • Melissa Fan, Predoctoral student 
    Research interests: Bile acids and liver diseases

Lab Publications Highlights

Selected recent publications (Selected from over 110 publications).

A complete list of publications can be found at PubMed.
Default publication image
Adipocyte Liver Kinase b1 Suppresses Beige Adipocyte Renaissance Through Class IIa Histone Deacetylase 4. Diabetes. 66(12):2952-2963.
Wang Y, Paulo E, Wu D, Wu Y, Huang W, (2017) Chawla A, Wang B
Default publication image
Stabilization of the c-Myc protein by CAMKIIγ promotes T cell lymphoma. Cancer Cell 32:115-128
Gu Y, Zhang J, Ma X, Kim B, Wang H, Li J, Pan Y, Xu Y, Ding L, Yang L, Guo C, Wu X, Wu J, Wu K, Gan X, Li G, Li L, Forman S, Chan W, Xu R, Huang W (2017)
Default publication image
MiR-26a regulates insulin sensitivity and metabolism of glucose and lipids. J. Clin. Invest. 125(6):2497-509. PMC – in process
Fu XH, Dong BN, Tian Y, Lefebvre P, Meng Z, Wang X, Pattou F, Han W, Wang X, Lou F, Jove R, Staels B, Moore DD, Huang W. (2015)
Default publication image
Activating CAR and β-Catenin Induces Uncontrolled Liver Growth and Tumorigenesis. Nat Comm. 6:5944
Dong B, Lee JS, Park YY, Yang F, Xu G, Huang W, Finegold M, Moore DD. (2015)
Default publication image
MiR-26a targets TET enzymes and is regulated during pancreatic cell differentiation. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 110(44):17892-7
Fu XH, Jin L, Wang XC, Hu JK, Zheng XW, Tsark WM, Riggs AD, Ku HT, Huang W. (2013)

In the News

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Career Opportunities

We are looking for passionate researchers at both levels of postdoctoral fellow and graduate student. 

Lab Location

Wendong Huang Lab
1500 East Duarte Road
Duarte, CA 91010