Radiation Oncology Research

City of Hope's Radiation Oncology Department is at the forefront of improving patient care. Our physicians, physicists, and researchers are identifying new ways to leverage biology, genetics, the immune system, imaging features, and large data sources to develop new ways to treat cancer with radiation and minimize damage to normal tissue.

Our research priorities include:

  • Enhancing radiation delivery so that it is more precise and focused on the tumor, improving its effectiveness against cancer cells while minimizing exposure to healthy tissue
  • Improving tumor visualization so that treatments can be planned with greater accuracy
  • Bridging and combining our imaging and treatment delivery technologies, so radiation therapy can be adjusted in real-time for maximal safety and effectiveness
  • Optimizing combination therapies so that radiation given sequentially or concurrently with other treatment modalities (such as surgery and drug therapy) can lead to better outcomes for the patient
  • Minimizing and mitigating radiation side effects to improve our patients' quality of life during and after treatment

Our department conducts a large number of clinical studies, and City of Hope patients may eligible for novel therapies.


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If you're interested in referring a patient or a patient has requested information on clinical trials, browse the clinical trials currently recruiting.

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